I get this question sometimes so I decided to write a short blog post on this.

The best time to launch your Udemy course is before the biggest sale of the year!

The two biggest sales period to look out for in Udemy is the Black Friday sales (Nov) and New Year sale (Jan). These two months will generate the highest income for most Udemy instructors.

Hence, the best time to launch your course is between Oct to Nov. But my personal advice is to launch your course in earlier Oct because of the following reasons:

  1. Course review timeframe – There will be many new courses coming out in the month of Oct so it is better to complete your course earlier and submit it for review. Normally, it will take 1 to 2 days for review/approval but during peak periods (Oct, Nov), it might take up to 1 week for review/approval. During the review, Udemy may inform you if your course needs some amendments and this will take additional time.
  2. Gathering reviews – You will also need some time for the learners to write your reviews so it is better to launch your course earlier if possible. Reviews are important because they will help to increase the conversion of your course.
  3. Time to promote – You will also need some time to do a bit of promotion before the sales period so you can get more reviews and also kickstart the momentum of getting Udemy promotes your course.

Hope this answers your doubt on the best time to launch a Udemy course!