This year, I am planning to launch a new course in Oct. It has been a while since I launched my previous course.

During these years, I get to know quite a few friends who are also keen to create courses and sell on Udemy. Thus, I am forming a small community online with people who also want to launch their courses this year on Udemy! The purpose is to support each other and provide guidance within the group. There will be no face-to-face meetup.

The following is my plan for this small community:

  1. I will gather interest and check how many people are keen to be involved in this online community (free community, do not need to pay anything).
  2. Once there are enough people, I will send out an invite to you to join the community.
  3. The planning phase will start in Jul 2023.
  4. The production of each of our own courses will start in Aug / Sep 2023.
  5. The promotion of our own courses will start in Oct / Nov (just before the Udemy Black Friday sales)!
  6. The online community will be closed after the Udemy New Year Sale 2024.

As you can see from the above, this is a temporary online community where we can help out and motivate each other toward launching our Udemy courses! If you are keen to join me in the online community, fill up the Google form below.

The deadline to fill up the form is by 01 Jul 2023.

Sign up link has been removed.

Feel free to post any questions below in the comment area.

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