KC Tan

Online Instructor Coach
Turning your knowledge into income!

“It is not what you know, it is how you help others with what you know that matters!”

– KC Tan

My Story

I have been conducting workshops in Singapore teaching people how to set up their websites and do online marketing since 2008 but sometime in 2014, I realised that more and more people are going online (instead of going to classrooms) to learn skills. Hence, I decided to convert my training materials into online courses that same year.

Nowadays, instead of conducting physical workshops in Singapore, I have all my workshops in digital format (pre-recorded online courses) for learners from all around the world to enroll. I find that this is a better business model for me as it frees up my time and I don’t need a physical space to conduct workshops anymore.

I have experienced the tremendous positive impact of teaching online so now I want to help as many people to do what I do as well!

My Values & Beliefs


I have the responsibility to help you avoid the mistakes and fast track your journey with reference to my experience. I always make sure the advice I give you is what I would do if I were you.


One of the most important thing in life is thinking in terms of others’ perspective. I always make sure I listen with my heart and think from the other person’s perspective before I give my advice and work together on the same path.

Never Stop Learning

Life is a journey of learning. Growth stops where learning stops. And life stops when growth stops. I tell myself to never stop learning so that I always have resources available to help others and myself.

My Approach

To begin building your online informational business, I would first need to hear more from you in our first pre-coaching call / meetup. During this first conversation, I will get more information from you and suggest how shall we start. After that, we will meetup (or skype if you don’t need my help to implement your recording setup) once every week (or at a frequency you prefer) for implementation, feedback and guidance.

A typical coaching cycle from idea to implementation span across two to four months depends on how often you work on the plan.

During the coaching period, you are free to email me any questions you have before our next meetup or skype session.

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