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Welcome To WebSprout Academy!


Hi! My name is KC.

I am the founder of WebSprout Academy and I am honored to share my love for teaching online businesses with like-minded individuals like you!

It was back in 2005 when I first got acquainted with online businesss.

Then I was still a full-time student and I had created an online game (called Absolute III) out of pure interest, which grew to be popular among players in the United States.

One day, a company approached me…

They offered to pay me $50 every month to have their advertisement placed on my online game, and I was amazed! That got me fascinated with the opportunities of online businesses and I started my journey of exploration into it.

After I graduated from school and worked in the corporate sector for 2 years, I made an important decision in 2008 to leave my salaried job and start a full-time business. I wanted more than anything to do what I enjoy for a living.

As a self-taught entrepreneur, I started from helping business owners to develop websites and rank their businesses on online search engines before I moved on to focus my time on teaching people how to start their own online businesses.

Over the years, it has been a fruitful journey serving the local community in Singapore through my training workshops as well as in-house programs at organisations such as National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), ITE, Civil Service Club, Social Enterprise Association and others.

In more recent years, I have grown to love teaching online and through my online courses, I am thankful to have the wonderful opportunity to connect with amazing learners from more than 160 countries around the world.

My philosophy in business is simple: to enjoy what I do and live on my own terms. Teaching has always been an exceptionally rewarding experience for me when I see that my students are able to accomplish what I teach them (or even go further to achieve greater results than me!)

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction to know that it can help someone out there to grow, or inspire them to act on their goals and dreams 🙂

Most of all, I am glad to have formed my meaningful friendships in the course of my work. I always seek to connect with like-minded learners on this journey, and one day, I hope my guidance can make a positive difference in your life too!



Why ‘WebSprout Academy’?


Over the years, many people have inadvertently been scammed or deluded with the idea that Internet business is an easy and quick way to get rich. But in all honesty, that is far from the truth.

Through my years of experience in Internet business, I have learnt that for anyone to succeed online, you have to put in an equivalent amount of time and effort in order to see results. (This is a timeless principle that applies to any business you do.)

Here at WebSprout Academy, I hope to help more people who are serious about building their own successful and sustainable online business through educating them the right beliefs and values!



To build what you call a successful business takes consistent effort.

It’s just like growing a plant. You have to first do the hard work of preparing the soil, planting the seed, and watering it every day; there is no shortcut. Even after it sprouts, continuous effort is needed to care for it day after day.



Just like a seed doesn’t grow into a full-grown tree overnight, it takes time for your business to grow before you can see results.

In summary, put in the effort to work on your business continuously and give it time. Have patience and your plant will bloom and bear fruit for you!.


I do not believe in getting rich quick, and what I want is to help people to build a business that is sustainable and provides you with a source of income in the long run.

Every great success starts from somewhere. Set a manageable goal for a start. Make your first $20 online, then your next $50, and your next $100. Grow strong and success will be yours!

Feel free to browse our blog or online courses to help you get started on the right track!



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