Vodien Web Hosting Review

Updated: 13 Sep 2021 (this post was originally published in 2012)

Vodien Hosting is a local company that specialise in providing domain names and web hosting services. I was recommended by quite a few of my Business Associates to use them for my websites because of their security and support. Recently I have some very bad experiences with another hosting company in U.S. and I learn a lesson that it is always good to have your host in Singapore so that you can contact them direct when you need help.


No More Free SSL (Updated)

I am surprised to get to know recently that Vodien no longer provides free SSL for their shared hosting plan customers.. This means if you choose Vodien, you need to invest additional money to purchase SSL certificates.


Pricing That I Have Never Expected

To my surprise, actually Vodien has a very competitive pricing as compared to even hosting companies in U.S! For example, you only need to invest S$11 per month for web hosting if you pay two years in advance (WebValue plan, 15GB Disk space and unmetered Bandwidth). And it gives you 5 addon domain names (this means you can host 5 different websites under a single hosting account).

Free .com.sg and .sg Domain Names

Vodien also able to offer you first year .com.sg or .sg domain names for free (if you have registered a business with ACRA). This saves me another $60 if I were to get one. If you are registering a .com/.net/.org name, it will cost you $20 per year.

How Is Their Support? (Updated)

I value support more than anything else. I would pay more if I can get a support that is both professional and responsive. Vodien support team is very responsive, for every email requests I send to them, they reply within two hours! I never thought this is possible with such pricing. You can also call their hotline listed on their website.

Another thing I like about the support is that they are also professional in what they do. There is no need to correspond a few times before the issue is resolved. They put themselves in their customers’ shoes to handle every requests.

Since after Vodien was acquired by Dreamscape in 2017, Vodien’s customer support has been quite disappointing..

In the past, whenever I have issues with my websites, Vodien team will help me fix the issues quickly. That was one of the main reasons why I almost always recommend Vodien to my friends. But now Vodien team will just tell you what is the issue (most of the time) and you are expected to fix it. This is still not so bad as I know some web hosting companies don’t even know what causes your website errors..

Honestly, Vodien web hosting is still not that bad (especially when it comes to their server security, reliability etc) in my opinion. What turns me off is their mediocre / below average customer support when compared to other options out there.


An Alternative To Vodien

If you are looking for a web hosting company to host your websites especially in Singapore, you can consider A2 Hosting.

I personally have tried A2 Hosting’s servers for several years now and I’m glad to recommend A2 Hosting to anyone I know who is looking for web hosting. A2 Hosting wins over Vodien in terms of the following:

  1. Support – I find A2 Hosting support team is more ‘caring’ than Vodien’s. When I have issues with my websites, I will open a ticket and my ticket will be replied within 24hrs and most of the time, A2 Hosting support will help me resolve the issues.
  2. Prices – A2 Hosting is more affordable compared to Vodien and their hosting plan comes with unlimited addon domain names – which means you can add as many websites to one single hosting plan as you want.
  3. Server location – You can choose either Singapore based servers or United States based servers when purchasing a hosting plan with A2 Hosting.

Do check out my A2 Hosting review here if you are looking for web hosting services!