It has been more than 10 years that I use shared hosting for all my websites. It is very affordable and often I can host many websites using one single hosting plan but the main disadvantage is that I am sacrificing the speed and security of all my websites…

Google considers your website speed in search ranking!

If you have been following the search engine news, you would have known that Google has been incorporating website loading speed into their search rankings. If your website is not ranking well and you find that visiting your own website takes a long time, then perhaps you should consider switching your hosting soon!

Of course, they are also other reasons why your website is slow, but changing host will most likely help in solving the speed issue.

Find out if your server is holding you back!

In order to find out if your server is sabotaging your website’s speed, you can enter your website URL in this Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool.

If one of the recommendations is ‘Reduce initial server response time‘ (as shown below), then very likely you have a slow server!

Google pagespeed insight


Switch to cloud hosting for a faster server

The solution is to switch to cloud hosting for a faster server. Nowadays, there are various cloud hosting providers like Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, and Google Cloud. All of them have powerful servers that you can host your websites but the downside is that it is very difficult to manage your website if you do not have experience in cloud hosting networks.

The solution comes in when Cloudways hosting now act as a middle-man between you and these cloud hosting companies, making things easier for you to manage! And the good news to me is that Cloudways pricing is very affordable too!

I am now hosting three WordPress websites on Cloudways hosting (choosing the Digital Ocean, Singapore location) and paying only US$12 per month! They are all loading much faster now as compared to before. And if I need any help, I can just submit a ticket to Cloudways hosting anytime and they will assist me unlike if I were to go straight to the cloud hosting companies (Amazon, Microsoft etc), they won’t attend to my WordPress issues.

If you find that you also want to enjoy the fast website speed, I can help you by offering the following bonuses if you sign up via my affiliate link:

Bonus 1 (no more slots left!)

1a. Install a new WordPress theme on your new Cloudways server (you can select one out of the free themes here.)


1b. I can help you liaise with the Cloudways support team to migrate one existing website of yours over to Cloudways. I can share with you how you can migrate or create more websites in the future in Cloudways.


Bonus 2

(no more slots left!)

You can enroll in one of the following courses for free:


Steps to claim the above bonuses

Please follow the steps below in order to claim the above bonuses:

  • You must sign up and stay for at least three months (I would recommend the $12 per month package) in order to qualify for my bonuses.
  • Click here to sign up for the free trial and use WEBBUDDY coupon code to save 20% for the first two months!
  • After signing up for a free trial, you may need to verify your identity and submit proof for verification. Once you have submitted the proof for verification, login to your Cloudways account.
  • Follow the steps listed here to install a WordPress application. You can choose Digital Ocean ($12 per month package) if you are going to create a simple WordPress (non e-commerce) website or blog.
  • Once you have installed a new WordPress application, go over to your billing and enter your credit card or PayPal details so that Cloudways will upgrade your account. You can follow the steps here.
  • Email me using this form with the details: your email used to sign up cloudways, the server size you selected, the theme you want me to install and the course you want! And I will reply to your email with the details.

If you need to check with me certain things before you sign up, feel free to contact me via this form here.

I hope you find something useful in this blog post!