A common doubt many people are having before they create their Udemy course is they are not sure if the topic they have in mind will get people to enroll in their courses or not.

An answer to the above doubt is to give it a try. You will never know if you don’t try.

In this post, I am sharing two interesting Udemy courses that people are signing up for. At first glance, I don’t think people will be signing up for these courses, but I was wrong…

1. Cooking Eggs: The Best Recipes for Cheap & Healthy Cooking

This course will teach you how to cook eggs. My thoughts are will there people sign up for an online course to learn how to cook eggs?

Well, there are currently 2,000+ learners in this course and it has received more than 70 reviews for the course!


2. Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle with NO prior Experience

Let us take a look at this second Udemy course, it is about teaching someone how to ride a motorcycle.

I used to think no one will sign up for an online course to learn a psychomotor skill like riding a motorcycle but I was wrong.

This course currently has 2,000+ learners enrolled and more than 400+ reviews!

So if you have any ideas for an online course, just give it a try! Udemy has 60+ million learners and I’m sure some of them will be keen to learn from you!