If you are looking to create and sell your courses online, then one of the first few places that you should sell is on Udemy!

After being a Udemy instructor for 9 years, I realized that there are 5 strong reasons why a new instructor should start by selling their courses on Udemy.

Read on to find out more!

1. Massive number of learners willing to pay!

Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms as it has more than 60 million learners! You can refer to this page for the latest statistics.

The success of an online business is you need to sell your product or services at a place where there is traffic. And Udemy is a great place because not only it has 60 million learners, but it also has corporate learners who might find your courses useful for their companies!

Think of Amazon Kindle as an example, if you are a new author (with no followers), it will be easier to sell your books on Kindle store (via KDP) rather on your own website. The reason is that there are about 150 million Kindle readers globally and every single minute there are a lot of people shopping for Kindle books to read! The same thing is happening to Udemy.

There are many other platforms online like Udemy but none can come close to Udemy’s huge numbers, especially when we take into account anyone can teach on Udemy (I will cover that later).

You might be surprised to know that several Udemy instructors already have more than 1 million learners enrolled in their courses! One of such instructors is Jose Portilla, he currently has more than 3 Million learners enrolled in his courses!

Jose Portilla 3 million students, learners


2. You do not need any qualifications to teach!

Another reason I like to teach on Udemy is that you do not need any qualifications in order to teach!

Unlike Coursera.org and other online learning platforms that only allow professors from certain universities to teach, Udemy allows anyone to create and sell courses on their platform.

When I first started with Udemy, I created a web design course and I do not have any qualifications in web designing. All I have is some experience in designing websites for small businesses in Singapore.

My second course is on affiliate marketing, again, I do not have any qualifications in digital marketing. All I have is some experience in affiliate marketing and some results achieved based on my own testing.

To sum up, you do not need to have any qualifications to teach on Udemy. But it would be better if you have some experience or even results achieved in the domain that you are teaching – I think this is also more valuable than paper qualifications when learners are considering your courses.

Having said all the above, if you do have any qualifications, it will also help if you can include them in your Udemy instructor bio. That is the page where learners can check and find out more about you as the Instructor. This is an example of my Udemy Instructor bio page.

3. No listing fees, free to use.

Another strong reason why you need to sell your courses on Udemy is that Udemy is free to use without you paying for listing fees.

If you take a look at Teachable website, which is another platform for you to sell your course online, you will see that you will need to pay up to $119 per month just to have the feature of an unlimited number of courses upload. And if you want to have the feature of distributing coupon codes, you will need to pay at least $39 per month!

teachable pricing plans


Whereas at Udemy, you do not need to pay Udemy anything to use their platform and you can enjoy features such as:

  • Coupon codes.
  • Bulk coupon code generation.
  • Auto certificate generation for your learners.
  • Q&A, Quizzes for your learners.
  • Email and messaging system to contact your learners.

This makes me so grateful to Udemy for allowing us to use its powerful platform free of charge!


4. Reach global learners!

The 4th reason to sell courses on Udemy is that you can easily reach global learners from over 180+ countries to enroll in your courses!

Before I teach on Udemy, I only have learners (less than 500+) from Singapore as I mainly conduct physical courses locally.

After more than 9 years of teaching on Udemy, I now have more than 100,000+ learners from over 200 countries enrolled in my courses.

As Udemy is based in the United States, 30% (30,000+) of my learners come from the U.S.

In recent years, I also noticed an increased number of learners coming from India and the Philippines. I can never reach these learners without Udemy!

The advantage of having a massive number of learners enrolling in my courses is that I can get them to sign up for my mailing list so I can regularly keep in touch with them and share with them my other products and services too.

You can also get your learners to join your facebook group for more advanced learning or social interactions. My Facebook group (as another form of support for my learners) currently has more than 13,000 members!

My facebook group has more than 13,000 members that came from my Udemy courses.

5. Income potential!

Another strong reason to sell courses on Udemy is the income potential. You can be earning anywhere from a few dollars per month to $40,000+ per month depending on how popular are your courses!

Do refer to another blog post of mine to learn how much you can earn and what are the revenue models for Udemy instructors.

The earnings you made from Udemy are direct income but there are also indirect income that derives from your Udemy learners. For example, you can also promote your other products or services to your Udemy learners (after they optin/sign up for your mailing list).

Like in my case below, I also sell supplementary ebooks to my Udemy learners:

I hope you find this post useful and have helped to provide you with some insights if you are considering creating courses online to sell!

Do connect me if you require any assistance in creating your own online courses!