clickbank courseIn my years of experience in training and conducting workshops, I often receive questions on what is the easiest way to get started to making money online.


My answer to this would be affiliate marketing. For one simple reason – you can start immediately without the need to have or create your own line of products or services; you simply promote products that others have already created!


To help you in this aspect, I am happy to announce my new online course – Making Money With ClickBank (Even Without A Website)! This is the second of my series of online courses (you can check out my first course – WordPress for Small Business – here if you haven’t had the chance to).


ClickBank is the most popular online affiliate program for virtual products. By virtual products, we are referring to digital goods like eBooks, videos, graphics, etc.


When you join ClickBank as an affiliate (it is free by the way), you do not need to worry about the nitty-gritty details of payment and delivery of the products as all these will be handled by the product owner. Your job is simply to bring more potential customers to the product and you earn a commission every time you successfully refer someone to buy the product!


In my opinion, ClickBank is a great platform for people who just want to start making money online without the need to create a website – there is a simple yet effective technique to achieve this, which I will teach you how in my online course.


You will also learn how to select a good product to promote, what products to avoid, as well as how you can go about promoting the products in this online course that I have personally created.


If you have always been interested to learn ClickBank or want to learn a systematic approach to making money online, this would be the perfect course to start with.


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