WordPress Workshop – How to set up a website


You will learn in this full-day WordPress Workshop – key skills on how to create a website (no need any web development knowledge!), and also methods to create traffic and market your website to your target audiences.



Workshop Highlights!

Workshop Highlights

1. Acquire key skills to create and run a site without any web development experience!
2. Learn proven techniques to generate traffic to your site!



What You Will Learn

WebSprout Consulting Workshop

1. How to earn as a Internet Entrepreneur: We will teach you various ways that you can earn money online using your site / blog. We will also share how you can benefit from the different revenue models available.


2. Website Registration: We will go through step-by-step for the ENTIRE website creation process, including registering a domain name, a hosting provider. Acquiring this knowledge will then enable you to create any number of sites in future!


3. WordPress Installation and Hands-On: This is the main focus of the workshop where you will learn the installation and practical hands-on usage of the WordPress platform. Be delighted, as we assure you that no programming knowledge whatsoever is required in this practical module!


4. Extending WordPress Capabilities: After setting up the platform, learn how to further extend your website capabilities through plugins, themes and widgets that suit your individual needs.


5. Internet Marketing Techniques: Recognize that there is no point in creating a website without a marketing strategy. With this in mind, our last module is designed to teach you some interesting ideas on how you can attract traffic from more than 3 free sources!



What Our Participants Say


“Thank you to the trainer for the patient and clear instructions in the WordPress Workshop. I have benefited in many ways as a beginner in WordPress. He has generously given us many useful tips and experiences to make the our website look more professional.


It is definitely time well spent in this workshops for non-IT savvy people like me. I am excited to complete my website soon so that I can have a new website for my company!”

– Peng Tatt, Founder of beaconlohas.com


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Who Should Attend WordPress Workshop?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to brand their business online while generating additional income through their website / blog.
  • Working individuals who want to earn part-time passive income.
  • Internet Marketers who want to build mini sites for their respective products and services.
  • Students who want to earn money online with their Internet Business ideas.


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