WordPress Coaching for Small Businesses



A Program Dedicated To Small Business Owners

Whether you are a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, we are here to help you achieve what you need.




Runs his own small business

“I find it very cumbersome and costly to depend on my web designer for every single change that I need to do to my website. If I am able to manage the website myself, I can better decide how I want my website to be and anytime I want.”


What Jonathan Wants :

Have better control over his business website without having to spend time to learn any programming.




Works full-time and planning to start a small business

“Having a website is an important part of my new business – it creates a channel for prospects to find me and know more about what I do. I would choose to do my website myself coz I want to be more hands-on in my own business.”


What Mae-Ann Wants :

An effective marketing channel for her new business without bursting her budget!






You Can Be In Control Of Your Business Website


By acquiring the skill to create your

own website for your business.


With WordPress, anyone can now learn the skill to create a

professional looking website. No coding. No rocket science.

WordPress is simple to use and entirely manageable for

any small business owner.








We’ll Help You Get Started


From your domain to the creation of your business website to post-coaching support.

We make sure all the things you need are taken care of.




We will hand-hold you to get the essentials ready for your business website to go live – your domain and web hosting.





This is the exciting part as we teach you how to use WordPress to create your business website easily – step by step. Also gain the skill to edit your website anytime you like!





Need more help after the program? We’ll still be here to support you after the program is over. Help is just a few clicks away!






More Than Just WordPress


P.S. this is NOT the typical program that teaches you just web design.



Most programs out there only teach you how to use WordPress on a feature level (how to create page, how to install plugin..)

But for you to be able to create an effective business website – one that works to bring you business….

You’d need more than just knowing WordPress features. Which is why this program was created.

On top of the features of WordPress, this program will teach you how to use WordPress on a business level!






A Practical Solution For Small Businesses


Want a functional website that sells effectively 24/7 for your business?

Let us show you how to achieve that in our program.


















A Look At Some Of The Works By Our Graduates












How Others Have Benefited From Our Program



“Thank you to the trainer for the patient and clear instructions in the workshop. I have benefited in many ways as a beginner in WordPress. He has generously given us many useful tips and experiences to make the our website look more professional.


It is definitely time well spent in this workshops for non-IT savvy people like me. I am excited to complete my website soon so that I can have a new website for my company!”


– Peng Tatt, Founder of Beacon Lohas



“I have learnt various skills from the trainer’s WordPress class. I managed to create a website as well as apply the knowledge I learnt about Search Engine Optimisation to the website I was working on.


Within a month of its completion and applying SEO to the website, I received two potential business collaboration project opportunities from National Heritage Board (Marketing department) to create an Infographic poster for them as well as a freelance student from Laselle who is interested to be a freelance graphic designer. This skill I learnt from WebSprout Academy’s class is useful and can be used for internet marketing too!”


– Hajra Bee, Aspiring Entrepreneur


“I do not want to depend on others to do my website. Now that I have learnt to put up a professional web page on my own after attending this course, I have full control of how I want to design and present my idea.”


lucy-crop“Before this course, I had no idea how to create a website. Kudos to WebSprout Academy, now I can do it after 1.5 days! The course is very easy to follow. The instructor is friendly and shared with us tested fail-proof methods, and there is also after class support for us.”


– Daniel & Lucy Chew, Traditional Chinese Medicine Business Owner



“Before attending this course, I had no idea how to use WordPress. Now I have gained a clearer understanding of how I can use WordPress to assist my boss in his business.


What I like most is that the trainer takes time to answer our questions. Highly recommended course!”


– Jamie Tan, Visions One Consulting








WordPress workshop business clients






Join Other Small Business Owners In Our Program Now!


 Acquire the skill to create a professional website using WordPress and turn it into a leads-generating machine for your business in this coaching program!



  • One Day Hands-On Coaching (1-On-1)One Day Hands-On Coaching (1-On-1)
  • Step By Step Tutorial VideosStep By Step Tutorial Videos
  • 500 Website Graphics (View samples)500 Website Graphics (View samples)
  • 3-Hour Clinic Session3-Hour Clinic Session
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Program

  • Only $499

    Usual Price:$699
  • One Day Hands-On Coaching (1-On-1)yes
  • Step By Step Tutorial Videosyes
  • 500 Website Graphics (View samples)yes
  • 3-Hour Clinic Sessionyes


A Gentle Reminder…


You are required to bring your own laptop (must be able to connect to wireless internet network). MacBooks are also allowed.


Topics Covered

  • How to identify a good domain name and web hosting
  • How to maximize your web hosting
  • How to install WordPress on your website
  • Important WordPress settings for your business website!
  • 6 essential pages for your business website!
  • Where to find images to use for free (and legal)!
  • How to create a compelling ‘About Us’ page!
  • How to create content that sells!
  • How to create a contact page that people will use!
  • How to design professional image sliders for your home page!
  • How to integrate a business blog into your website and start posting!
  • How to extend the functionalities of your website using plugins!
  • How to install and configure a responsive theme in your website!
  • How to collect payment from your website!
  • Techiniques to make your website SEO-friendly (Search Engine Optimization)!



Your Coach, Mr T.C. Goh

  TC Goh

Goh was first introduced to Internet marketing back in 2003 and had developed a keen interest in this field ever since. With this enthusiasm, he went on to successfully create many profitable websites for himself as well as his friends and their businesses over the past years.

Armed with this strong belief and passion in local marketing (particularly in O2O – Online to Offline/Offline to Online) and inbound marketing strategies, Goh decided to venture full-time into training local businesses and aspiring individuals in the areas of website creation and internet marketing.


As a coach, Goh’s vision is to help small business owners (and internet entrepreneur wannabes) to increase their web exposure to gain bigger profits.



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