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“Hi. Just want to thank you Mr Tan for such a great course! So far this is the first course that I have followed and am making some $$ with, Im very pleased. I have had 3 campaigns running for about 5 days, and each day I have been trying to weed out keywords that are being clicked that are not directly related to buyer intent. So far I have had 3 sales! Very exciting!”

Val Thomas, Student of ‘ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Without A Website’


“As someone who has been doing affiliate marketing for years, with mixed success, I have to say that this is probably one of the best courses on affiliate marketing I’ve come across. KC covers a way of doing things that I haven’t tried before. His advice on picking Clickbank products to promote is different from the ‘pick the one with the highest gravity’ advice that you normally hear. What he says makes a lot of sense – and goes a long way to explaining why I’ve been so bad at promoting Clickbank products up until now! The course goes at at a good pace, and is easy to follow. If you’ve been trying to make money as an affiliate marketer and struggling then I highly recommend getting this course and putting KC’s advice into action, because I know I am!”

Chris O’Connor, Student of ‘ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Without A Website’


“I am not new to WordPress. So when I went through the course, I was looking for those specific factors that I know work well for me, e.g. plugins I must have, pages my site must include, etc. Because this course allows me to find useful information that I can go to whenever I want, I strongly recommend it.”

Jose C P, Student of ‘WordPress 2015 – The Complete Business Web Design Course’


“Thank you KC for being such an effective and quality on-line trainer. I found that all the tips you had given were practical and I benefited from them. I worked through them and within 2 weeks, I already had sales and more than 890 clicks for two products. A winning course.”

Richard Liang, Student of ‘ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Without A Website’


“I have enough experience marketing online to that I can separate the hype and smoke screens from the real deal. KC has very effectively recorded his method of personal success using Clickbank to make money online. His integrity comes through in his descriptions of what to do, what it takes to do it as well as what not to do in order to make it happen. This course took me step by step through the process that I am convinced will result in dividends as put it to work. This is not ‘get rich quick’ but a solid, workable, business blueprint that would build a reliable foundation to grow toward wealth. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make their first money online.”

Bill Halford, Student of ‘ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Without A Website’

“I really enjoyed this course. After some 8 years trying to get the gist of Affiliate Marketing without a website or even a domain, I think I finally get it by taking this course and Santa arrived early for me this year! I would want to start practicing and implementing the tips learned. By and large, I learned a lot. Thank you. And your voice is clear and commanding like a real teacher should have.”

Galmalisa, Student of ‘ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Without A Website’

“Masterful course! Comprehensive, methodical, precise and crystal clear. thought the instructor was clear and informative in his teaching methods. The video lessons for the course were well-made. The idea in the website design process is excellent. In the end, this is a great course for beginners. For more depth I’m sure you’ll need to look at the instructor’s other paid courses and I’m confident users would be satisfied and get their money’s worth.”

Rakesh, Student of ‘WordPress 2015 – The Complete Business Web Design Course’

“This course is great in explaining how to make money with ClickBank. The structure of the course has been well planned – each lesson is presented with great clarity in a concise, right to the point manner. From the fundamentals, direct linking, traffic generation, to capturing leads, this course is about as comprehensive as it should get without overwhelming me with too much information. KC (the instructor) covers each topic with amazing attention to detail. Also, working files and external resources are generously provided whenever applicable. What impresses me most are the insights he shares based on his own experience – the practical tips that would save me a lot of time from having to figure it out myself. In a nutshell, even if you don’t have a website and you’re looking to make money with ClickBank, this course will help you get the job done with minimal fuss.”

Michael Lim, Student of ‘ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Without A Website’

“It’s truly a course that delivers what it promises! KC is very detailed and showed the exacts steps from how to find the Clickbank products to promote to ways of promotion. It’s a well-structured course. If you follow the steps while doing the course, you’ll have already started promoting your products by the end of course. It’s a great course for newbies to get started!”

Wobbie Mee, Student of ‘ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Without A Website’

“I’m enjoying going through these classes. If you’ve ever felt like people are suggesting you to make websites, blog, and advertise your products, but feel like there’s something they’re not telling you — the HOW — this is the course for you. Here the videos go through is the basic steps. Instructors are responsive if you have questions and they have included some bonus lectures too. If you’re not starting from completely at zero, you’ll find yourself making it through the videos even faster— thanks for this course!”

Chris Anderson, Student of ‘WordPress 2015 – The Complete Business Web Design Course’

“Thanks so much for this course. You’ve taught me things that not only apply to ClickBank marketing, but online and email marketing as well. I can easily apply these strategies after taking this course. You made everything simple, easy to apply, and easy to follow along. This course is worth every penny! I’m a satisfied student :)”

Danise Jarrett, Student of ‘ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Without A Website’

“This was the best clickbank course ever , everything was explained clearly and it is easy to setup and anyone can do it. If you want to start a Affiliate marketing business then this is the best course for you.”

Jeffrey Rajan, Student of ‘ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Without A Website’

“An excellent and easy to understand course by KC on the topic. For many years I have wondered how to make money from Clickbank. KC’s delivery of the course content is engaging and easy to understand, along with clear videos of decent quality. Thank you KC for a great course.”

Des Walford, Student of ‘ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Without A Website’

“This is one of the better WordPress Course that I have attended. The trainer’s teaching is very clear, precise and to the point. There is no sales-pitch and up-sell, whatsoever. Whatever the questions I have on WordPress is all answered here. Please consider this course seriously before taking any other WordPress courses.”

Victor, Student of ‘WordPress 2015 – The Complete Business Web Design Course’


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kc udemy course

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The following testimonials are received from people who have benefited from WebSprout Academy or KC’s consultancy, products and training programs.


stephen-mok“Before KC joined our BNI Harvest Chapter, our Chapter’s website was built by our graphic designer and later enhanced by an Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expert. Though it was pretty well built but somehow lacked the “human” touch and was not regularly updated. The website was not maximised for web traffic and the content was not organised systematically.

Once KC revamped our website, it look refreshed and user friendly, very easy to navigate for anyone looking through our website. The colours used were vibrant and lively, our members photos were used frequently adding the “human” touch factor, adding member’s testimonies were very powerful tools to convince potential visitors to attend our Chapter meetings.

KC also made many useful and practical suggestions to increase web traffic to our website, capture visitors contact details for follow up and broadcast messages through the website. The most powerful thing he did was to give every member the rights to edit their personal profile easily and add their testimonies to the website. A video tutorial was sent to all members to teach them how to do it.

I highly recommend KC with two thumbs up to anyone who is looking to create, upgrade or enhance your website for massive passive income and increased web traffic. Most importantly, K C listens to your requirements and builds a website that you have visualised in your mind. His creative and practical input will also add tremendous value to what you already have in mind.

Make an appointment with KC immediately to avoid disappointment and any more delays to a more productive website that you can be very proud of. K C makes online business fun and profitable! ”

Stephen Mok, Founding President of BNI Harvest Chapter

Singapore Manufacturers' Federation

“KC is genius with recommended tips and give practical and useful advices!”

“KC makes it easy to understand and gives a lot of useful info and recommended advices. Enriching Programme!” – Singapore Manufacturer’s Federation Read complete feedback here.     scoopysandcream “KC Tan is a very meticulous and detailed person, he is definately not the hit & run kind of person. You can trust him with the job, and he will surely get it done with efficiency.

Over the first 3 months of Search Engine Optimization meetings with him, he is extremely helpful with any questions or doubts regarding SEO, and he is the man for the job. He will answer all your SEO related questions happily. He is also easy to communicate with as he is both service orientated and friendly.

After 3 months Search Engine Optimization, the results are visible, with the right keywords, we can capture the right targeted traffic. Our Traffic has since doubled and we are getting more calls and leads.

Well done! Thank you KC.” – Tobias Peng, Founder of Scoopy’s and Cream


yong-sak-crop “I am a photography enthusiast and have always wanted to bring my hobby online to generate passive income. I know nuts about Internet Marketing and have absolutely no experience, until I was introduced to WebSprout Consulting by a friend. I was touched by their friendly and sincere presentation which made me engaged their services. Unlike other companies, the services that they provide are totally customisable to my needs so I don’t have to pay for services I don’t require!

Having no knowledge in creating and marketing a website, they are very patient and ensured that I understood and benefited from every lesson taught. With that, I am able to build my website (without learning any technical or programming stuff) from scratch with professional guidance. Now, I am able to connect with friends of similar passion online and more importantly, start seeing positive results from my website!

I am very satisfied with their service and will strongly recommend WebSprout Consulting to my friends too!”

Yong Sak, Founder of YongSak.com Photography Portal


“Building a site from scratch is no simple task. It’s like running my own business, lots of areas I need to cover to get things going. It’s time consuming and most of the time, I did not get the expected results. Knowing KC was a fortunate thing for me. His wealth of knowledge, both technical and internet business has helped me resolve site problems, find optimization gaps that I’ve left out and further identify the potential areas that I can invest my effort on. KC is an exceptionally friendly and approachable person that will share his knowledge useful to anyone without holding back.

As a client or friend, I truly appreciate the advices and help given and would introduce KC’s services to anyone who wants to start an Internet business.” – Founder of LoadRunnerTNT

chee-yong-crop“What I see in WebSprout Consulting’s services is beyond the pretty website design. KC truly differentiates from the rest of the SEO consultant in the market by truly understanding your business profile, doing indepth analysis of your current situation and suggesting:


Feasible, – Actionable, – Result-Oriented, – Measureable


online marketing plans that brings in actual profits, using budget that is affordable for SMEs. Under KC’s guidance, my tuition agency website (MatchTutor) has grown from virtually unknown to more than 100 unique daily visitors now.


KC is a pro-active Internet Business Optimiser whom you can leverage upon to grow your business online. Thank you Websprout Consulting!”

Lee Chee Yong, Managing Director of Education Haven


stuart-tan-crop“Personally, I am astounded by the concise and crisp quality provided by KC in his Forum Cash book. It’s based on real-life experience, which I highly value. It’s simple for execution. You merely need action. Take this guide book with you as your bible and milk it before others jump on the bandwagon.”

Stuart Tan, Bestselling Author of Secrets Of Internet Millionaires and Secrets of eBay Millionaires



“If you find yourself posting sales threads that get no responses, KC definitely has some tips to help you out. I have implemented one of them today. Pay particular attention to the section of the e-book dedicated to teaching you how to build your reputation in forums. The clients / customers just come to you, because they see and like your posts, or word gets around about you. It’s definitely the way to go, and I was really glad to see it covered here (The Essential Guide For Forum Entrepreneurs). Overall, great job KC.”

Jennifer Mattern, Public Relations Consultant, Freelance Writer/Editor





connie-crop“KC has always been one of my favourite masters in both SEO techniques and web applications development. He consistently shows a true and sincere approach in presenting his internet skills. There are totally no barriers and KC teaches in a straight forward manner holding your hands step by step.

From his achievements in all of his 3 books, KC has shown us that his techniques works and the only thing for you to do is to take action and results will be proudly yours. In his 1st book, THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR FORUM ENTREPRENEURS, KC delivers a no hold truthful presentations of profiting from forums using easy step-by-step instructions and what made us really excited were the real live examples provided! Totally amazing!

His 2nd book, FORUM CASH, brought monetizing profits from forums even further and reveals 3 more yet simple and effective techniques to add more money to your pocket!

Lastly KC also attacked year 2008 with another powerful launch of THE SECRET OF ADSENSE 2008 and this one was one of the most popular searched-for information on the internet. Monetizing from Adsense seems so much easier after reading KC’s book and applying the techniques he provided. No more waiting for years for an Adsense cheque!

KC has proven himself to be an expert on all these specialized areas and the most important point is that he makes it work for everyone. He is also very generous at giving and sharing his knowledge to all who’s willing to learn.

I believe it will always be one’s advantage when you get a chance to work with KC as he is not only a great individual but a good consultant as well. Keep up the good work KC!”

Connie Ong, eBay Powerseller, Internet Marketer


__- zheng-gao-crop

“I am Anthony. Just finished first coaching lesson with KC Tan and I am impressed. He teaches down to earth, practical ways of SEO that are great for long term success. The best part is he also covers unique value of your site to the visitors for evergreen popularity and sustainability. Personally, I am newbie to SEO but have done a lot of research and done a bit of SEO. Been searching answers from Ebooks, spend thousands on internet marketing courses but still cannot find the important SEO Techniques. Luckily, KC Tan helps me understand the correct SEO Techniques and widen my view. His teachings are simple to the point and clear cut good. What can I say. KC Tan and his coaching are gems. Take up his coaching program, you will greatly benefit.”

Anthony, One to One Coaching client on SEO



larrylim-crop “Forum entrepreneurship is a fresh idea and which is why the book’s content is 100% original. KC left no stones unturned as he covers everything from forum DOs and DON’Ts to building your reputation to how you can make money and the best way to do it along with examples from his own personal experience. Recommended! (The Essential Guide For Forum Entrepreneurs)” – Larry Lim, Singapore SEO Consultant


— -_


charleslau-crop “What makes this book even more interesting is that it even teaches me practically how to make money in the forum with a few examples happening right now. Questions like how much money you can make for enjoying yourself in the forum? How to look for buyers to pay me for chatting in the forum? How to avoid the scams? How to build a reputation of yourself in the forum? I don’t think you will get to see them anywhere in the public!” – Charles Lau, Professional Reviewer, Blogger


Testimonials from Course Participants

jonny-crop“Being an avid blogger myself, I have been using Blogspot for many, many years. Frankly speaking before I attended KC’s workshop, I did not know the benefits of using WordPress as a platform for blogging. But after I attended the workshop. It really showed me how simple it is to use WordPress and how flexible it is to implement new things in my blog. Basically, it was just “DRAG & DROP”

During the workshop, KC was very patiently answering with all our questions, even though I know that there were many, many more… And more importantly he made the whole adapting process fairly easy & simple.

You don’t need to be a Tech Guru or a IT savvy to attend KC’s workshop. Just bring your laptop, laptop charger, pen & paper, mouse & maybe your own mobile broadband and leave the rest of the steps to KC.

With KC’s help and guidance, I have developed an e-commerce shop using WordPress for my apparel business!

I strongly encourage you or your friends to attend KC’s wordpress workshop, be it for more knowledge or to start your own business blog!” Jonny Zhu, Founder of Seventh Heaven Fashion       chris-han-crop “KC’s WordPress workshop is interactive through the hands on approach and is the perfect course for beginners like myself, wanting to build a website to promote my services online. Prior to this workshop, I had zero knowledge of WordPress and I have since been able to set up a website within an hour. I have also had the privilege of guiding others in their WordPress journey, when I came back as a Co-Trainer, in one of the sessions.

I find KC a very sincere and genuine trainer, who continues his support for my queries, even months after I have attended his workshop. His step by step lesson structure and clear presentation of details makes everyone feel at ease, especially for beginners who might feel overwhelmed during their first lesson.

Thank you KC for your guidance and support!” – Chris Han, Founder of the Condominium Near MRT website project steven-mok1-crop “Before I met K C, building a website was a very troublesome task to me. I thought I had to write in some cumbersome computer language, or use some internet available free software to build my website. Many times I gave up after trying for a few days. Having a functional website was just a dream to me. Even when I finally got my blog up using a free portal, I did not know if anyone ever read my blog at all. I was just writing my blog post aimlessly.

Not until I met KC.

He was very patient and he helped me build up my blog into a professional blogging website where I knew how many people read my blog, where they were from and many details which helped “customise” my blog to attract the right readers. My simple blog became a fully functional one where I could even earn some money from the ads placed on my blog. Now there are people seeking financial advice from me, becoming my clients and one person even joined my team as the reader wanted to join a team with the same philosophy of helping clients secure financial security and success the independent way.

I am thankful to KC for helping me even now as he is ever ready to give me tips and timely advice to improve my blog. He is my “Blogging Angel” who never fails to give me advice to increase the quality of my blog.

I highly recommend K C’s expertise to anyone who is serious in building a business with a blogging website. Two Thumbs Up for K C!!!” Stephen Mok, Financial Advisor and Founder of Kairos Advisor — – james-ong-crop “It couldn’t have come a better time for me to attend KC’s WordPress Workshop when it became available, as i was then looking around to set up a website with a registered domain name and host.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on WordPress with us, enabling us to activate our website with all the needful wordpress plugins, Internet Marketing tips and SEO tips.

I would recommend KC’s wordpress workshop to anyone who wants to setup a website and build a money making internet business through it.

Looking forward to attend other workshops that KC might conduct in the future. Thanks and best regards “

James Ong, Founder of James-Ong.com


“It is great joining IEBC. I do not just learn about Joomla or SEO, but also to learn and share experience with other trainee.

Being one of the trainers for the course is another great experience. Not only am I able to put what I have learn to practical use but also to learn from others the problem they are facing and to find a solution which will benefits everybody.

Learning do not stop when one had completed a course. That is the beginning of our learning path and experience. I would encourage students who can afford the time to come forward to participate as a trainer as well. We gain more than what we have put in.” – Wee Heng, IEBC Graduate     yong-sak-crop“I attended IEBC with an aim to set up a photography portal on my own. With zero knowledge on Joomla and KC’s help, I managed to get my site up and running now.

I was encouraged by KC to return as a Co-Trainer to share my knowledge and experience with the new students.

KC is right as in we are able to gain more when we share with others. Not only that, what I enjoy is being able to make new friends of the same passion during every workshop.

Now I feel like a member in this big family and I am motivated to constantly return as a Co-Trainer.”

Yong Sak, IEBC Graduate



lawrence-crop“This course is easy to follow based on the user-friendly software, Joomla. There are also enough Trainers around to help the students when one is stucked. I highly recommend IEBC to someone who wants full control over their websites no technical knowledge.”

Lawrence Poh, IEBC Graduate



brenda-crop“The Lead Trainer (KC) is both experienced and patience to answer and clarify all doubts from all students during the course. I would recommend this course for people who needs a lot of after-course support!”

Brenda Goh, IEBC Graduate



terence-tan-crop“IEBC is a comprehensive course on website creation without knowing coding languages. The techniques shared in generating passive income from the websites created are also highly valuable. You will be amazed at KC’s wealth of knowledge, as well as his friendly and hands-on approach during the course. The additional bonuses and great after-course support make this course uber value-for-money. Highly recommended!”

Terence Tan, IEBC Graduate



kheong-crop“KC is a very approachable person and he never fails to deliver either in his monthly sharing / networking or professional courses. From this course (IEBC), I have learnt how to set up a website easily and also to market it effectively. Furthermore, KC also introduced several ways to earn money from your website. On the whole, KC has put in great effort to make this course a fun and enjoyable one.”

Kheong, IEBC Graduate



tristan-crop“I must say that IEBC has showed me how easy and simple it is to set up a website of my own with the Joomla CMS, which I had initially thought it would take me ages to master. Coupled with the numerous proven Internet Marketing tips and tricks like how to make a profit before starting my online business shared by KC, I am sure I will go a long way in my internet business endeavors.”

Tristan, IEBC Graduate



eric-chua-crop“Attending the IEBC certainly broadens my knowledge about website development and there is such a powerful free software that can do so much more in a few clicks compared to what I have always known – dreamweaver. Beyond all the technical knowledge, it is also informative and interesting to know how I can make some money by website developments. I have always thought that advertisements like “work from home” were out to scam people, but this course certainly brings that idea to life. IEBC provides a conducive and comfortable learning environment and the time spent is definitely worth it!”

Eric Chua, IEBC Graduate


paul-crop“I’ve never known that there’s such an excellent tool like Joomla outside WordPress. IEBC has helped me tremendously by shortening the learning curve in picking up such a complex but flexible tool. Besides delivering the technical know-how of using Joomla in a simple way, KC has opened possibilities of Internet Marketing to participants, empowering even beginners to start on their dream business online. No regrets!” Read Paul’s full review on IEBC here.

Paul, IEBC Graduate, Blogger at Passive Income For Life


“This is undoubtedly one of the most useful courses I had. I would say the knowledge and information I learned in this one day can even compare to what I would get in one semester if I would take a similar course in a university! KC’s step by step instruction makes this course the best to me. I highly recommend it!.” – Fay, IEBC Graduate