This is a post by guest blogger, Nazir from DexCopy. Nazir is a copywriter and he conducts workshops on how Email Marketing can generate revenue without chasing after new customers.

In my previous post, I talked about why Email Marketing doesn’t seem to be working for some of you, and how to handle that. Today, I’ll be talking about who should use Email Marketing and how it can benefit them greatly.

Sales Professionals

Sales professionals such as sales staff and small business owners can use email marketing to generate revenue from existing databases. By existing databases, I mean all those untapped business cards you have in some dark corner, and the professionals in your Facebook and LinkedIn networks. Using email marketing here helps reduce time spent in acquiring new customers, as well as improves relationships with your current clients.


Send out titbits of information which your clients will appreciate. For instance, a financial advisor can send their clients online articles about how a family managed to protect their hard-earned savings with an affordable hospitalisation plan. A car salesperson can send how-to tips to maintain a car in excellent condition.

Small to Medium Enterprises

In addition to strengthening existing relationships, SMEs can use email marketing for highly-targeted marketing efforts. This is especially relevant for things like company events, workshops, road shows and promotions. Used correctly, email marketing can increase your response rates to such events without negatively affecting valuable subscribers


The secret lies with proper segmentation. Divide your prospects into easily identifiable lists and then send highly targeted information to them. For instance, if an SME has a few high net-worth clients, the company can send personalised emails, informing them about an exclusive promotion that is open only to them. This reinforces customer loyalty since they are rewarded for giving you so much business!

Another way is to observe your email data and note which links customers tend to click after reading your emails. From here, you can create a new list and send an email about similar promotions to them!


Email marketing is something that can help almost any business, no matter how small and how big. Just because you don’t have the budget to hold an event, does not mean you have no value to provide. So start exploring how you can add value to your loyal customers by creating a simple, yet effective email marketing campaign!

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