On the 26 Sept, Typhoon Ondoy hits Philippines killing more than 100 and affecting hundreds of thousands of people. Just when I thought this disaster is over, the nation’s weather bureau announced that the second storm (Parma) is planning to strike today.. I am so troubled when I hear about this and google about what we can do to help them out.

Philippines Typhoon

Time to help out

I have been heavily disturbed by personal matters recently but it is nothing compared to losing love ones and homes. I believe we should do our best to help out the victims in whatever ways we can, no matter where and who we are.

Philippines National Red Cross has established an official PayPal account for donation purpose and I hope to rally your help and let us do our part in giving back to those who are in need. The following is the Ondoy Relief Aid exercise that we can make a donation through PayPal.

Official Reference

I pray for the victims and hope the storm to subside at the soonest.