Selling happens in every part of our lives and to me, I think everyone must know how to sell. After starting my own business, I strongly believe that if you know how to sell yourself, you will not have any fear of instability especially if you are holding a full-time job at this economy.

However, the reality is, not many people want to learn sales because of the many misconceptions.

I attended the Income Explosion Seminar by Sales Partners Singapore yesterday and feel that  I must really talk about this event as it not only reveals the real meaning behind sales and how we can grow a business systematically. In case you are not aware of this, Sales Partners is founded by Blair Singer, a Sales Coach with Robert Kiyosaki’s team. Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the top selling financial book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“.

KC with Raymond Chong, from Sales Partners Singapore

Me and Raymond Chong, from Sales Partners Singapore

What is covered in this 1 day event?

I learn about the following shared by the Speakers, Raymond and Damian:

1. Effective sales process

2. Creating of personal 60 seconds pitch

3. Effective goal settings

4. Handling sales rejections

5. Champions mindset

6. BI Triangle (Why product / service is not the most important thing)

7. The essentials of Leadership

If you noticed, this event is not only about sales, or even business.. it is about life. If I were to sum it all up in one sentence what I have learnt in this event, that will be – How we can do the things we want by solving other people’s problem to make money out of it.

What I like best about the event

My biggest takeaway from the event is when the speakers mention something about teaching our teams so that other people can run the show. Raymond also highlights a very important thing about systems and how they can help business owners to free up resources so as to use the time and build up trust with the target market.

The other segments I love is the goal setting and 60 seconds sales pitch creation. This segment really puts theory into practice so that I can come out with something that is useful on networking events.

What you will like best about the event

Despite being an event run by the sales trainers, you will appreciate that there were no hard selling during the event even towards the end. You will find this very comfortable and you can approach them if you are interested to purchase their books or other training materials.

Another good news is that this event will be held every month so you still have a chance to attend and learn from the speakers. In addition, you can also network and expand your contacts. Do contact Sales partners Singapore here if you are interested to attend this event.

I highly recommend this event to people who are in sales or running their own business.