Before people can find your website on the Search Engines, Google will need to visit your site first and index the pages.

The following are some possible ways to get Google to visit and index your site:

  1. Submit your site URL to Google.
  2. Submit a sitemap to Google.
  3. Create a link on a page that is already indexed by Google.

Of the above three methods, point C will get your site indexed much faster and it is easier to implement as well. Most Webmasters will submit their site to Google directly but this can take up to months before they make a visit to your site via their bots. Submitting a sitemap is useful not for fast indexing, but for thorough indexing. The fastest way to get your site indexed in my experience, is point C. Read on to find out more.

If you are looking to get your site indexed by Google fast, simply create a link on a page that is already in Google’s index. You must make sure that the page or site is highly active – meaning the content updates regularly. I use forums most of the time for this purpose. Most forums nowadays allow you to create signatures that you can link to your websites. Make full use of the signature and create links to your site so that your site will be indexed once Google visits the forum pages. Some of the top forums that I use for quick indexing of new sites are DigitalPoint, NamePros and Joomla.

Hope you find this useful =)