I read the book Start With Why written by Simon Sinek recently and can’t wait to share this unbelievable book with you! Before reading this book, I understand that we must have a strong reason of WHY before we can do something successfully. Without the WHY, we will not be motivated eventually.

This book further reinforce this principle to live by. There is a clause in the book that I like very much:

People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

Simon also highlight the Golden Circle where the inner circle is the WHY, then move out to HOW, then WHAT. But often times, companies and businesses focus a lot of their energy on the HOW and WHAT. One thing about losing the WHY is that we will end up manipulating someone to get what we want. But if we have a strong WHY, we inspire others. What will you choose? Manipulate or Inspire?

There are a lot of inspiring stories in the book that triggered my thoughts and made me think hard. I believe this book is going to benefit most people especially if you are in a business or having problems leading your team, retaining customers and gaining competitive edge in the market.

You can get this book in the local library or Amazon.

Go grab a copy!