I have recently conducted a 2-day workshop over at Kuala Lumpur on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the Quinnox Solutions team. I am really happy to be part of their annual get-together and besides thanking them for the warm welcome, I thought it may be good to use this opportunity to share some of the important points that I have covered in my sharing.

First Thing First

Many companies start on the wrong track by choosing their own keywords to optimize without knowing the demand for those keywords. In SEO, one of the most important things even before you start optimizing is to find out the demand of the keyword terms. For example, if you know that there are 1,300 people searching for ‘Free SEO‘ every month, you have a higher chance attracting your target audience because you know that there are people searching for it.

Quality VS Quantity

Another important aspect of SEO is to develop a strategy so you can attract links from quality sites. SEO used to be a simple task several years ago where many can manipulate the ranking by just creating incoming links from many low quality sites. This method does not work in today’s context especially if you are optimizing competitive keywords.

Having a structured plan to leverage top quality sites to help you boost up your Search Engine ranking is far more relevant nowadays.

Enjoying What I Do

Coming back to the workshop I had with Quinnox Solutions, I believe there are many more businesses who needs to understand and better equip themselves with SEO and even Website Analytics. If you or someone you know wants to maximize their website ROI by learning how to ‘read’ their web visitors and optimize for Search Engines, I would love to share my expertise =) Just drop me an email and we can arrange a session to discuss.

Great Team, Great People!

Quinnox Solutions Team

Just want to end this post by thanking the Quinnox Solutions team especially Leng See (on my right) and David (second from the right). I have a great time and the team certainly makes me feel like I am part of the family =p

Quinnox Solutions provides professional recruitment solutions to businesses especially in the IT  domain. You can check out their existing website at Quinnox Solutions.