Do you want to learn how to create a wordpress website by learning online? If so, you might find the following pointers helpful and serve as a good reference for you to choose a good wordpress online course!

1. Support

Support is extremely important because no matter how clear the online course is, there will always be questions that you need to ask when it comes down to practice and hands-on. So make sure the online wordpress course that you are taking provides support so that you can get the answers for your questions.

It would be best if the Instructor himself/herself can answer your questions but if not, anyone assigned by the Instructor is adequate too. If the online course offers free trial or refund, then you can sign up first and see if they answer to other students’ questions.

Another type of support is from the fellow students. Some wordpress online course has thousands of students and some students are active helping out one another in the discussion forum. Thus, one plus point when you are choosing a wordpress online course is to look at how many students are in the course already (that is, if these numbers are shown to you before you sign up).

There are also various form of support that different online course offers. One very common channel is via the online discussion area where you can post any questions inside the online course itself. Another form of support is you can email the Instructor and ask your question directly. In recent years, many Instructors also setup facebook group as a form of support and get to know other students online.

At the very minimum, you should be able to ask questions inside the online course itself. I strongly discourage anyone to sign up an online course without any support because when you start to create websites, you will definitely have questions that you need to ask the Instructor. Some Instructors require you to pay additional fees for support as well but I don’t think this is fair to the students. To me, support should come with the online course because asking questions is part of learning.


2. Clarity

We are all different and each of us prefer different teaching style. But most importantly, make sure that you can understand the Instructor clearly, if not, it would be very frustrating to continue learning.

I suggest before signing up, take a look at some of the trial lessons (if they have) and see if you can follow what the Instructor is teaching. If you can’t make any sense out of the teaching, then perhaps that particular online course is not for you.

Especially in the area of learning wordpress, step by step videos is easier for you to learn and implement while you are going through the course. If the entire online course is taught using powerpoint slides instead of showing you exactly what and where you should click, then that course is not for you.

I strongly believe that seeing exactly what and where to click is important to learn topic such as website creation using wordpress.

Another plus point that will help you to learn is if the video can be played at different speed. The reason is because some Instructor speaks very fast so if this is the case, you can slow down the video. For videos that is playing too slow for you, you can choose to speed it up. Most online courses nowadays have such features for you to adjust the video playing speed. You can email the Instructor to check before you sign up.

I think a very important thing you should do is to take a look at the trial videos and see if you like the Instructor’s style and speed. If you like it, then most likely you won’t have any issues following through.


3. Refund Policy

Another important point to consider is the wordpress online course does it offer refund if you are not satisfied with the quality? I highly recommend that you sign up a wordpress online course that you are able to refund if it is not up to your satisfaction. Most online courses nowadays offer 30 days refund so make sure you check this out before you enroll in the course.

Another area under refund is how is the refund procedure like? Is it via email or there is a ticket system to ask for refund? For my courses, students can simply ask for refund within the first 30 days by emailing a email address.

A trick that some online course providers use is that they will ‘lock’ some of the content and show it only after the 30th day of your enrollment. So make sure you check that all the content are available to you the day you sign up!


4. Reviews

It is very common that consumers nowadays go online and search for reviews before they buy anything online or offline. Hence, I suggest you take a look at the reviews written by others. Are most of the reviews positive? Or are they more negative? And most importantly, did the Instructor reply to the reviews?

Not all wordpress online course show the reviews. Hence, I suggest you only consider those that have social proof and reviews posted.


5. Advanced And/Or Marketing Topics

The last point to consider is whether the wordpress online course that you are going to take up teaches any marketing or advanced topic. This is like a bonus, some online course covers additional marketing topics like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that you can implement the technique while creating you new wordpress website.

You may also want to only consider those wordpress online course that covers ecommerce topic as well especially if you want to sell something online.

Another topic that you can lookout for is list building or commonly known as optin. A website is a fantastic tool to convert visitors into subscribers. Hence, if the online course that you are taking also covers these topics, that will be the ideal case.

So now you have it! These are all the five important areas that you should consider before signing up any wordpress online course! If you are considering signing up one, you may also want to consider my online course where I cover how you can create a wordpress website and more. Do read on to find out more.


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