I want to share something useful in this post which is often overlook by many webamsters especially when their websites are new. If you install Google Analytics in your website, chances are you will see your own activities. For example, if you view your website everyday, your visit will be counted towards to your Analytics report. This may not be critical if you have a website with thousands of visits but for some (especially newer sites), these statistics may make a diference when you interpret the report at the end of the month / week.

To overcome this, you can install the Google Analyticator plugin if you are using WordPress. This plugin not only helps you to integrate Google Analytics easily in your site and it also helps you to exclude your own visit when tracking. You can do this by turning the option – ‘Track all logged in WordPress users’ to NO.

If you are not using wordpress, you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on to your browser so that every website you visit will not track you. An easy-for-all solution =)

I have always been a big fan of Analytics, because of the fact we can’t improve what we can’t measure. Even if it is just a 1% improvement every month, it makes lot of sense to track and monitor our website performance then figure out how we can improve our sales eventually.