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This course is very easy to follow and understand, if you understand English. KC answers your messages fast and detailed. I earned around 24 dollars after 1 week, with around 15 minutes work, and I haven’t even watched the whole course yet. I recommend it to everyone who want to earn money with ClickBank!

– Niclas Abelsen


The presentation was so compelling I did the first go through in one sitting. I took breaks but went right back to it because I could see this is something I can do Now. Also I could do it without additional training, or expensive software, or signing up for monthly membership fees. For anybody looking for something to learn that can provide them with a clear path to earning money online this is the thing to buy now. KC Tan is the best guy I’ve run into thus far who can connect all the dots for you and motivate you to take action which is the first requirement for anything worthwhile to happen. This is a 10 out of 10 course and the #1 reason I bought all of KC’s other trainings here on Udemy!

– Fred Ferguson


KC covers everything you need to know to get started in affiliate marketing with Clickbank. The course starts with the basics of choosing products, then progresses to keyword advertising, generating leads and growing a subscriber list. I found the lectures very informative and filled with practical advice. This is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It takes a lot of work and KC guides you through each step. He’s an excellent teacher, thoughtful and patient in his approach. As a bonus the support is great too!

– John J


This was exactly the kind of honest straightforward affiliate marketing course I have been looking for for the past six years.

– Mivka Umu Amani






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