Welcome to the second episode of Review Friday! This week I am happy to review Samantha’s website – iHeartLifestyle.com.

Samantha is using this site to promote affiliate products for an income, and she has asked me to give her some suggestions to improve her site and content.

If you watched my previous episode on Review Friday, you will notice that I place a lot of emphasis on the website page title.

That’s because your website page title is the first thing Google will look at to allocate a relevancy score for your webpage – so always remember to optimize your website title first!

Watch the full review video below to find out what recommendations I have for Samantha’s website (and maybe you can apply them to your site too)! Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel here to stay updated on the upcoming episodes!

P.S. If you would like me to review your website, please send me your details here: http://bit.ly/reviewbykc