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Welcome to WebSprout Academy’s affiliate program, where you can make money by promoting our online courses!

As our affiliate, you will receive a commission of 40% for each sale that you refer to us, and you will also receive resources and support to help you to maximise your earnings.

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Step 1 : Sign Up As An Affiliate


Click on the button below to sign up as a Udemy affiliate (our online courses are hosted on Udemy).





If you need help with registration, the following video will walk you through step by step (including how to retrieve your affiliate link).



Please note:

  • [Latest update] Udemy now requires every affiliate to have a website and you will need to indicate your website URL in the registration form.
  • Affiliate commissions will be paid to you by cheque (in USD) at the end of each month.




Step 2 : Getting Prepared


Getting to Know Our Online Courses

While your affiliate account is being approved, do take this time to find out more about our online courses – all of which are designed and taught personally by our founder, KC Tan – so that you can choose relevant courses to recommend to your target audience!


(Note : Our courses are listed at the bottom of the page.)



Learn How To Promote Our Courses

We have specially created a video to share with you 3 zero-cost effective marketing techniques that you can use immediately to promote our courses – they are email, classified ads and display advertisements. Watch this video to learn more!



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Step 3 : Start Promoting!


Make use of our ready resources to help you get started easily – below you’ll find banners, sample email templates, sample social media posts and more!


Sample Email Templates


Feel free to modify and adapt the scripts to suit your writing style and speak the language of your targeted audience.

Important : Be sure to replace the underlined text with the relevant words/links before sending out your email!


Sample #1 (General)
Subject : Learn Internet Marketing Anywhere, Anytime.



Just want to send you a quick email that I got to find out about the following online course that you can join and learn Internet Marketing through a series of online videos (updated regularly) anytime, anywhere!


Here’s the link to enjoy the low course fee: <YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE>


Enjoy the videos!


Sample #2 (Using WordPress for Small Business as an example)
Subject : A Great Online Resource To Share



I recently enrolled in an online course – WordPress for Small Business – to learn how to use WordPress to create a business website, and I thought of sharing it with you!


I had no idea how to create a website previously. But after taking this online course, I am now confident of building my own website using WordPress and I learnt a great deal about what are the important elements to have in my website.


What I like most is everything in this online course is taught clearly in step by step video format, so it’s really easy to follow. [OPTIONAL]Look, I just created my own website – <YOUR WEBSITE LINK HERE>!


If you’re also thinking about doing up your own website, I would really recommend this course. You can take a look at it here : <YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE>.


Let me know if there’s anything that I can help!


Sample #3 (Using Making Money With ClickBank as an example)

Subject : How I Learnt To Make Money Online



I’m just curious, have you ever thought about generating a second source of income?


I just found out about a course that teaches us how to make money online with ClickBank. Would it be ok that I share more with you?


ClickBank is currently the most popular online marketplace for virtual products. For physical goods, people shop at Amazon. For digital goods (like eBooks, videos, graphics, etc)? They go to ClickBank!


Great news is – ClickBank offers an attractive affiliate program that rewards us when we help to promote other people’s digital products. In other words, affiliate marketing.


Marketing and getting people to buy is something that takes time and effort to figure out, don’t you agree? But I’m so thankful to have found this great online course that teaches us each and every step to do based on the trainer’s personal experiences!


This online course – Making Money With ClickBank – teaches all the important basics from how to select a good product to promote, to what products to avoid, as well as how you can go about promoting the products. I am taking this online course now and I like it so much because everything is taught step by step in a clear and systematic way, making it really easy to implement the strategies, even for a complete beginner like me.


There have been many rave reviews about this online course and I’d also personally recommend it. Do check it out here : <YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE>.


I wish you great success!



Sample Posts for FaceBook/LinkedIn


You can modify and adapt the messages to suit your voice and style.

Important : Remember to replace your affiliate link before posting it in your Facebook/LinkedIn!


Sample #1 (Using 80/20 Online Marketing for Small Business as an example)
I’m now doing an online course that teaches the top 3 online marketing channels that will bring 80% of sales. Awesome course! Check it out here : <YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE>!


Sample #2 (Using WordPress for Small Business as an example)
I managed to create my own business website after taking an online course in just 2 weeks. Affordable and effective course. Highly recommended! Find out more here : <YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE>!


Sample #3 (Using Making Money with ClickBank as an example)
I just learnt some interesting ways to make money online through ClickBank. All thanks to this great online course that I’m taking. Very practical and easy to follow. More information about the online course here : <YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE>!




How to use : Right click on the image and save in your computer. Then upload the image to your website and hyperlink it to your own affiliate link.


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learn how to create a profitable online business

 kc tan nnline course
learn wordpress


make money online


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 want more targeted visitors to your website


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learning at your fingertips


create a professional website with wordpress



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