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Welcome to WebSprout Academy’s affiliate program, where you can make money by promoting our online courses!

As our affiliate, you will receive a commission of 40% for each sale that you refer to us, and you will also receive resources and support to help you to maximise your earnings.

Join us as an affiliate today by following the steps below. It’s easy to join, and it’s free!




Step 1 : Sign Up As An Affiliate


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Please note:

  • Currently the only mode of payment for your affiliate income is PayPal.
  • Affiliate commissions will be paid to you after 30 days when you referred a sale to us (after the 30 days refund guarantee).




Step 2 : Getting Prepared


Getting to Know Our Online Courses

While your affiliate account is being approved, do take this time to find out more about our online courses here. We are publishing more courses in future so make sure to keep a lookout on our emails!


Step 3 : Start Promoting!


Make use of our ready resources to help you get started easily – below you’ll find banners, sample email templates, sample social media posts and more!


Sample Email Templates


Feel free to modify and adapt the scripts to suit your writing style and speak the language of your targeted audience.

Important : Be sure to replace the underlined text with the relevant words/links before sending out your email!


Sample #1 (General)

Subject : Learn Internet Marketing Anywhere, Anytime.



Just want to send you a quick email that I got to find out about the following online course that you can join and learn Internet Marketing through a series of online videos (updated regularly) anytime, anywhere!


Here’s the link to enjoy the low course fee: <YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE>


Enjoy the videos!


How to use : Right click on the image and save in your computer. Then upload the image to your website and hyperlink it to your own affiliate link.


Big Square (300 x 250)
 kc tan nnline course
learn wordpress



Skyscraper (300 x 600)

 want more targeted visitors to your website


Leaderboard (728 x 90)
learning at your fingertips


create a professional website with wordpress



Shortening Your Affiliate Link


Want to camouflage your affiliate link before sending it to your contacts? This video shows you how to use to create a shorter version of your affiliate link for free!






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