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WordPress, complete with

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“I’m a newbie with WordPress and website development. It have taken me a while to figure WordPress out on my own, I am so glad I gave up on learning on my own and purchased this course. It is my first day with the course and I am light years ahead of where I was on my own.”

– Rudy



This course is so well structured and full of great information. Not only focused on WordPress but also on marketing strategies for your business. Love it! Great job KC! :)

– Yunet Cardentey


This is by far the best WordPress course I’ve taken! I’ve learned some new things that I never found in other courses or YouTube Videos like creating sliders, going into maintenance mode, creating second site in domain, backing up WordPress site to put into another site (LOVED THIS ONE!), putting Google maps on your site, etc. I’ve always known how to create posts, pages, plugins, etc. But, I never understood some of the other things, but this instructor does so perfectly. Honestly, if you’re in need of a WordPress course to help you out, then take this one. You won’t regret it.

– Eric D


Thank you for the course. This is a great course for various levels of WordPress user. Even though I have already built sites before I found it useful. Feel free to see my end result at alantine.com.

– Donovan Grant





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