We’ve all heard about email marketing and at least half of us have tried it out a couple of times. The results however, don’t seem to share such impressive statistics. I know of some businesses that purchase tens of thousands of emails, only to receive less than 1% response, with almost no conversion!

Yet research has shown that about US$2.468 billion will be spent on email marketing by 2016. So if the industry isn’t getting outdated, why are most people not seeing positive results from their email marketing campaign?

Current Problem

Before we get into the answer, I’d like to ask you a question: “What do you do when you receive emails from people you don’t know?”

Most of the time, the answer I get is “Delete!” Almost no one I know bothers to open junk mail. So if this is the case, do you think email marketing should be done on total strangers found in ready-to-purchase email lists?

Abundant Junk

Where Marketing Emails Usually End Up

So there you have it; people are not interested in junk mails from strangers. This is the case even when the email brings extraordinary deals. It’s just the way people think. They like familiarity and let’s face it, most of us already have a ton of emails waiting for us everyday!

Suggested Solutions

The solution to this immediate problem is really quite clear: Use email marketing only for recipients you have an existing relationship with. This is why I always use the term ‘Email Relationship Marketing’ (ERM) during my workshops. Emails are just not viable for acquiring new customers.

To increase the likelihood of recipients opening your emails, use your personal name when sending emails. This way, they will see your name in the preview line, even before opening the email! When they see your name, recipients (especially those familiar with you) will be more open when reading the contents, and might even reply you to ask for more information.

Another tip is to craft sharp and attractive subject headers. I will be touching more on this during my workshops but there will be a post on this topic pretty soon.

In the mean time, if you would like to find out more about ERM and how you can start seeing results without expensive investments, arrange for a free talk with us.

Until then, I wish you a more productive email relationship marketing campaign!