I’ve been using Mailchimp to send emails to my students and business friends for the past 3 years but recently I decided to switch over to GetResponse after knowing that it has the following advantages over MailChimp:


1. Free images for you to use (from istock)


getresponse free images to use


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that there are hundreds of images available for me to use freely in my newsletters! I find that one of the biggest challenges in writing newsletters is finding suitable images to use, but GetResponse has helped me to solve this problem. If you want to upload your own images, you can do that as well!


2. Create a squeeze page without a domain name and hosting!


creating squeeze page with getresponse


Now, things just got even better! I believe GetResponse is the first auto-responder in the market that allows you to create a squeeze page – easily!


In the past, you will need to have a domain name and web hosting in order to create a squeeze page using WordPress. But now, you just need to have a single getresponse account and you can create a beautiful squeeze page like the above – mine gets me 2 to 3 signups everyday!


P.S. In case you are not sure what is a squeeze page, it is a page that you create to capture leads or invite people to join your mailing list.


3. Send to multiple lists at once!

One disadvantage about Mailchimp is that they only allow you to send an email to one list at a time. To send an email to multiple lists, you will need to send the email to one list first, then duplicate that email and send it to the second list. Often, I need to send the same email to more than 1 list (for example to my student list, subscriber list as well as business contact list) and having to repeat this whole process can be quite cumbersome in Mailchimp. However, Getresponse allows me to choose multiple lists when I am sending my email =) This definitely saves me a lot of time!


Your Free 30 days trial!

If you are interested to try out Getresponse (including the squeeze page feature), click on this link to get your free 30 days trial. Please note that this is my affiliate link and please let me know after you have signed up through my link so that I can send you 2 step by step videos on how to create squeeze page in Getresponse!