I created Business Sense to share my experience in marketing, networking principles and lessons I have learnt in my business since I established WebSprout Consulting. I hope that through this sharing, new small business owners can pick up something that is realistic and prepare to handle them before they are challenged from time to time. I will also blog about Internet Business Optimization at times. However, this blog does not represent my company, WebSprout Consulting.

I strongly believe that most business owners trust and highly value their products or services. On top of this, it is the passion that gets them waking up early in the morning and staying up late in the night to make sure everything is in order (although most of the time it turns up otherwise..). Passion is important, but not enough to sustain realistically. This blog is to help people who believes in what they do and preparing to venture into the unknown.

There is no right or wrong in the content that I am posting as I simply base on my experience. You can choose to disagree with me or simply add more insights as comments to the posts to help people who are eager to start a business. I wish you every success in whatever you do!