WebSprout Consulting Networking EventWe had another great session this month at the WebSprout Consulting Networking Event as we have Connie Ong sharing her story / experiences and eBay tips with us!

Connie has been very willing to help whoever wants to start up in eBay and generate some online revenue. Hence, I think most Internet Entrepreneurs will be delighted to hear from her personally and pick up some valuable experiences that they will never learn in books.

Guest Speaker of the Month – Connie Ong

Connie Ong - eBay Power SellerPeople from the event feedback to me that they love the Q & A session with Connie as she touches some of the details of running an eBay business.

Connie also share how she starts up and has been doing pretty well since she left her full time job a year ago. Check out my interview with her on Questions I ask a 5-figure eBay Powerseller.

You can also visit her blog here to stay updated =)

Google Adsense Power Tips

I have also shared some of the Adsense Power Tips on the event to help people who are currently using this program to generate passive income.

The first tip is actually based on my experiences – I personally find that Blogspot and Google Sites do not generate as much income as what I earn from my own sites. Hence, I would recommend you to register your own domain for Adsense revenue streams.

The second tip is to change your Adsense advertisement to a bigger size.  In the past, I try to make everything appear nicely but based on these few months experience, what Google says is correct – the bigger the ad, the more money you make =) My revenue increase 50% just by changing a horizontal link unit to a big square ad unit.

Can you solve this?

This month’s ‘Can you solve this?’ is also very informative especially to people who wants to know how to get your domain name unbanned by Google. At times, you may end up registering a new domain name that is banned by Google because of its history. If you encounter this situation, just login to your Google Webmasters Tool and send Google a message that you are the new owner and they will look into this =)

Join us next month!

Attendees for Aug Networking SessionI welcome you to join us in this exciting and free event every month as I am always inviting notable Internet Entrepreneurs to share their successful stories with us. You can check our schedule here for the next session.

Have fun and keep your passion burning!