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Are you thinking of creating and selling online courses on Udemy? If so, find out how I can help you in making a living selling online courses on Udemy and beyond!

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Chapters In the eGuide:

  • 1st P (Planning) How to identify a profitable niche to create your online course.
  • It is not what you know, but how you package what you know that matters.
  • A formula to help you find the topic to enjoy teaching online.
  • Why Udemy should be your first choice.
  • Understanding Udemy’s revenue-sharing model.
  • How to price your course so that you can get the maximum out of every student.
  • Piracy is a real problem, but how I make it work for me!
  • How to plan your course so that fewer students quit halfway!
  • How to make money before you even record your course (my case study)!
  • Essential Videos You Must Create.
  • Tips To Make Your Video Professional.
  • Expensive mistakes to avoid (A Must Read!).
  • Equipment that you need to record your course!
  • How to promote your online courses!
  • How A Free Course Helps To Make Me More Income!
  • Beyond Udemy – How to leverage Udemy to make A full-time teaching income online!

Why Udemy?

Udemy is far more superior when compared to other online learning platforms for Instructors because of the following points:

  1. Udemy currently has more than 40 million learners online (unlike other smaller sites like skillshare etc)!
  2. Udemy promotes your online courses (unlike teachable, thinkific etc)!
  3. It is free to start teaching on Udemy!

Why KC Tan?

I have been teaching on Udemy since 2014 and to date, I have over 100,000+ learners online enrolled in my Udemy courses!

You can check out my official Udemy Instructor’s profile below.

What You’ll Be Getting

eGuide (70+ pages)

Contain techniques and strategies that I use to plan, produce and promote my Udemy courses!

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You will get access to me and ask me questions via email!

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