Transform your website into an assetIf you run a website, have you asked yourself is it an asset or a liability? I think every business owners should yourself this question because it makes no sense creating a website just for ‘branding’ purpose. To me, the website should be another sales team that helps you to capture targeted leads for your business.

I would call a website an asset only if it puts money in your pocket every month. Be it profit comes from the direct sales, advertisement or affiliates. The most direct cost for running a website is the domain name and web hosting. If you can have some means to make the website earns back the investment, you are already breaking even and the website is sustaining itself!

At the time of writing this post, I am also creating a short guide on how you can make your website sells more of your product or services and eventually turning it into a valuable web property. This guide will be released free to all my readers in this blog sometime in Jul. Keep an eye on my blog to download the guide soon!