It’s coming to 2 years since I have met Stephen Mok through BNI Harvest, who eventually become my Financial Advisor. What’s most interesting is that now I actually look upon to Stephen as a mentor, rather than a Financial Advisor =)

I can still remember the tough times in the first few months after starting my business, I called up all my Financial Advisors and arranged for a meeting to discuss how can I divert cashflow from my investments to my business. At that time, only 2 of them get back to me promptly. Stephen gave me immediate attention and also valuable input based on my priorities at that time. That is the time where I realised that a great Financial Advisor is someone who can stay and fight alongside with the client even in bad times.

Stephen Mok & KC Tan

Stephen Mok (Foundng President of BNI Harvest Chapter)

Now, I have one-to-one session with Stephen regularly, asking him for advices on business, finances and other stuff =) I believe that establishing meaningful relationships is the topmost priority in any industries. If we put our clients’ interest before us and treat them with honesty, we will gain trust from them and eventually become a long-term business partnership. And Stephen has proved this principle over and over again!

Stephen also runs a high visibility blog over at Kairos Advisor where he blogs how the latest news will impact our lives. You will be able to find his blog if you search for Independent Financial Advisor in Google Singapore (Currently ranking number 3, just below Wikipedia).

Free Consultancy

Stephen also gives free financial consultancy out of his busy schedule. If you are interested in meeting Stephen, you can schedule an appointment to meet him in his office for a free consultancy session. You can request for an appointment using this form.

From an Independent Financial Advisor point of view, Stephen can identify most gaps and even suggest more affordable plans at times. Imagine if you just save $50 per month getting the same benefit, for a period of 20 years! That’s more than $10,000 savings!

If you are currently thinking of getting a second opinion for your investment / protection plan, I believe Stephen will be the best person to help you out. Like what Stephen always says in BNI, he separates the best, from the rest!

Note: This post is not an advertisement, it is just my thoughts and feelings for someone who have helped me and I believe great services should be brought out to the public!