apa-cropAfter much long-awaited anticipation, I am thrilled to announce that my first ClickBank product, “Affiliate Profits Academy” is now officially available on the ClickBank marketplace!

For affiliates, this means you can start to promote Affiliate Profits Academy right away and earn 50% in affiliate commissions (which works out to US$20 for every sale you make!)


Click here to view the product in ClickBank marketplace and generate your affiliate link to get started!

And this is how the product sales page looks like.

To help you in your marketing efforts, I have also prepared affiliate resources such as banners and email templates that you can use to promote my product.

Head over to the affiliate resources page to download the resources: http://bit.ly/affproacademy (remember to bookmark this page for future reference!)


Affiliate Contest To Maximize Your Earnings!


To celebrate the launch of my new ClickBank product, I am delighted to share that I will be running a grand affiliate contest from now till 30 Jun 2016, where affiliates stand a chance to win attractive cash bonuses on top of your affiliate commissions!

This is how it works.

50% of my vendor earnings* for the contest period will be channeled towards a bonus pool. (*Vendor earnings refers to the revenue that I earn as the product owner after affiliate commissions have been paid out.)

At the end of the contest period, the bonus pool will be paid out to the top 10 affiliates as cash bonuses!

The amount that each top affiliate receives will be awarded in proportion to the number of sales that you make during the contest period.

Let me give you an example. For instance, if I garnered US$50,000 in vendor earnings from now till 30 Jun 2016, I will take half of my earnings (which is US$25,000 in this example) to be distributed to the 10 affiliates who generate the most number of sales during the contest period.


Bonus pool: US$25,000

Total number of products sold by the top 10 affiliates: 500

Number of products sold by one of the top affiliates called Zac: 100

Amount of cash bonus Zac will receive: (100/500) x $25,000 = $5,000


I will be posting updates on the affiliate contest along the way, and I wish all affiliates success!

P.S. You will need to have a ClickBank account in order to promote my product. Click here if you have not registered for one.