It has been a year since I have started my business, WebSprout Consulting. Time flies especially in the beginning when things are not working according to my plan. Thinking back, few miracles have happened to me and I am grateful to people who is there to help me and motivate me in difficult times.

In this post, I want to share with you some of the changes that happened to me as compared to the time when I was in the comfort zone a year ago. I think most Entrepreneurs can relate to what I have written below but more important, I wrote the following to share with people who are starting their own business.

The following are three major changes in my life that I have experienced for the past one year:

1. I spend more time doing rather than reading now

I used to read a lot of books (especially on business, entrepreneurship etc) before I started my business. I spent at least 2hrs reading everyday and I thought that I know all, if not, 80% of how to run a business. I was dead wrong, three months after I started WebSprout Consulting, I figure out that I know nothing about business..

There is a saying that too much reading will make a person lazy. If you find that you are spending a lot of time reading than doing something, it is time to act.

Actually I find that reading after you do something is much more useful and make it so much easier for you to remember and apply the new things you have read. I always remember the first lesson my business mentors taught me – Ready, Fire, Aim.

2. I spend more time thinking rather than talking now

Talking about ideas and things you are going to do is good. But doing this for months is not productive at all… I am sure you have time when you come out with a good idea and want to share it with your friends but too often you find that no one except you are truly excited about your idea. It is the thoughts and action to the idea that will make an impact.

John C Maxwell has written a book on thinking strategies where he talks about Focus Thinking in one of the chapters. To me, focus thinking is what gets things done. Most of the time we are lazy to think and hence, things remain unchanged. It is when we put in effort and time to ONLY think about a problem then we will start to see possible solutions.

I have personally experienced the power of focus thinking for my training and it really helps me in getting more trainees every month. Try this out! Allocate 30 minutes to just think about solutions to a problem that has been bothering you for quite some time. It helps =)

3. I spend more time giving than receiving now

Giving can be in many forms.I used to start selling when I meet prospects and talk about ME, ME and MEeee all the time. It is only after I join BNI then I realise that business is all about relationship. And relationship builds up only when we start to give.

A very powerful technique is to educate your prospects and ask them their main concern about their businesses currently. Asking and listening are the main skills I have picked up that have helped me a great deal in closing prospects.
I am taking a few days off from work after writing this scheduled post to think and plan (also to celebrate WebSprout Consulting Anniversary!) for the year ahead particularly on using the concept of leveraging. I will be back in action on the 04 Nov.

So check back till then! Take care =)