LinkedIn workshop for BeginnersAs you may have already know, LinkedIn is currently the biggest networking platform for business professionals.


As of this post, LinkedIn has more than 300 Million members and everyday there are new members joining to grow their network or look for jobs.


I have been using LinkedIn for quite some time and has been getting businesses and leads from LinkedIn without spending any money.


Today, I will share with you one free method how I get leads in this post!


I believe you receive LinkedIn invitations as and when. I normally ask my course participants how many of them usually respond to the invitation, the answer is not many. From today onward, I would like you to use my following template to reply to every LinkedIn invitation you receive, and I can almost guarantee you that you will see results!


This is how it works:

Next time when you receive a LinkedIn invitation, click ‘Accept’ and this will link you to LinkedIn. Now, click on the person who send you this invite and send them the following message:


Hi xxx,

Thank you for adding me in LinkedIn.

Just curious, may I know how did you get to know me?

I look forward to hearing from you.


[Your name]


You will be surprised by their response! It is from the above template that I managed to close some business deals after following up with them. Some people will not reply you, its ok. But some will reply you and sometimes ask you for suggestions or explore how to work together. I have also responses that ask me what courses I provide. Imagine if I didn’t write to them, I would have miss out these precious leads!


There are more LinkedIn tips to get businesses or get a good paying job over at LinkedIn but the first thing you need to learn is to improve your LinkedIn profile. I have stopped conducting public courses on LinkedIn but if you really want to transform your LinkedIn account into a 24/7 active marketing channel for you, then go and grab a copy of this online LinkedIn course by Lewis Howes.


Lewis Howes has written a few books on LinkedIn and has created this online video series that you can learn how to maximize your LinkedIn account to get more customers or good paying job. If there is one person to learn LinkedIn from, that would be him.


This video course is easy to study and implement and you can do it anytime you want, don’t need to invest additional time to travel and attend a LIVE class.


Lewis will be increasing the price of this online course soon so I hope you can still get the offer under $100. He also give you his two books if you sign up using this link.


Go watch this video from Lewis and see if you like his content =)

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