There are very few people in Singapore I know who earns a living purely based on their sales from eBay. If you have heard about Connie, she is a eBay Powerseller and a certified Educator by eBay Singapore to help people set up business using the eBay platform the right way!

Connie Ong – Singapore eBay Educator

After knowing Connie for some time, she is the type of person that would happily share what she knows. I have invited her to one of my events as the Guest Speaker to talk about eBay Entrepreneurship and great feedback was received from the group! You can read the blog post here.

eBay Business Workshop

I approach Connie a few months back to start a eBay Business Workshop as she is also happy to share her techniques and get to help more people. This workshop not only focus on the basics but also the marketing aspects on how you can create high visibility listing so that you can attract more bids.

This is one of the few eBay workshops where you will receive certificates from the Trainer (Connie Ong) and certified by eBay Singapore. You will also learn where to get access to product source in this valuable workshop. On top of this, Connie will also share her real account during the workshop and show you exactly what she has done to achieve success for eBay business – this alone is already worth the investment!

The full details of the eBay Business workshop is available here.

What’s so special about our workshop?

To close, our main purpose of creating this workshop is not to teach the participants how to start a eBay Business BUT actually to work as a team so that we can achieve results faster! Connie is now looking for apprentices to help run her  eBay business and the participants from this workshop will be given priority. On top of this, the group who attended this workshop can also work closely with Connie (via group meetings, WebSprout Consulting Forum etc).

I strongly believe the fact of working together is far more important that just learning.

You can register for the workshop (20 & 27 Nov 2010) now via this link here.