I am really happy to be involved in the process of helping to launch BNI Prestige Chapter for the past few months! The kick-off day was held on the 06 Oct 2010 and the event was filled with excitement and joy!

The chapter launched with a turn-out of more than 40 members and visitors on Wednesday, with each and everyone of the members busy playing their roles to support the event. That moment affirms me the importance of training and how BNI has helped hundreds or thousands of Professionals worldwide!

BNI Prestige Chapter Singapore

BNI Prestige Chapter Launch!

I have to say that this will not happen without the initiative of the few core members who step up to approach the Executive Director, Ms Ong Kuan Kuan.

BNI Executive Director - Ms Ong Kuan Kuan

BNI Executive Director - Ms Ong Kuan Kuan

BNI Prestige Chapter President - Lawrence Chow

BNI Prestige Chapter President - Lawrence Chow

We are honored to have the National Director, Mr Mervin Yeo with us sharing his insights with the members and visitors on the big day! As what Mervin has mentioned, each of the BNI members are active sales persons for one another. There are reasons why BNI has been around for 25 years and passing more than $2 Billion sales in the year of 2009!

BNI Singapore KC Tan and Mervin Yeo

Me and BNI National Director, Mr. Mervin Yeo

You can view more pictures over here at BNI Huios site.

Prestige Chapter now meets at Singapore Management University (Wild Pot Cafe) every Wednesday at 7.30am. You can let me know if you are interested to attend and I will send you the President’s contact number.

I would also want to use this opportunity to call upon professionals who lives in Singapore currently and wants to leverage BNI this proven platform to grow your business. I am starting a new chapter called BNI Achievers and I welcome you to contact me if you want to know more about BNI.