KC’s Latest Training Course To Help You Start A Profitable Home Business!


It has been awhile since I last released a new online course so I am really delighted to announce that I just published my brand new training class on Skillshare:


“Starting A Home Business: Why Most Businesses Fail,

And How You Can Start A Profitable One!”




It is in this uncertain economy that it becomes even more important for us to have the ability to start a profitable business of our own when we want to, don’t you agree?


Since starting out in 2008, I have been blessed to have mentors and helpful business friends to guide me and share with me their valuable experiences in business…


Learning from them meant I did not have to repeat the same mistakes that they made – that’s countless hours and dollars saved for me, and the same goes for you too!


If you have ever thought about “Maybe one day, I can start my own small business from home…” (or you might have started already – which is great), then you won’t want to miss the knowledge and tips that I will be sharing in this video class:


  • What are 4 Things you need to know before you start a home business!
  • What are the 7 Expensive Mistakes you can learn to Avoid in your own home business?
  • What are the 3Cs of a Profitable home business?
  • What are the 5 Skills Every home business owner needs?
  • Finally, what is my Best Advice for You!


This is a short but informative video learning course that you will find easy to digest, and it is only 1 hour long (fits nicely into your busy day)! View the full course description here.


Starting a profitable home business is never easy, but it is definitely possible when you have the right information and mentors. Here’s my plan to help you get started:


In my course, you will also get access to a list of 10 other short classes that I personally recommend to help you to learn the 5 skills you need to be a successful home business owner!


A sneak preview of some of the interesting Skillshare classes mentioned in my course:

  1. How To Start An Online eCommerce Business: Sell Products Online
  2. Captivation Marketing: Scientific Ways to Hook Your Audience
  3. Unlock Your Creativity: Learn To Think Like a Designer
  4. How to Find, Hire, Train and Manage a Virtual Assistant in Your Business
  5. How to Hire Virtual Assistants to Outsource Content Creation, and more!


Here’s the great news:


You can now enroll in my brand new online class and the 10 business courses that I recommend, plus hundreds of other premium classes hosted on Skillshare (from business & writing to technology and design topics) – all for just US$0.99 for the first 3 months!



What’s The Catch?


I know this sounds somewhat unbelievable but this is a special promotion that Skillshare is currently running for a very limited time, so it’s best to act before the offer closes!


For US$0.99, you will have access to watch all the video classes on Skillshare during the first 3 months. After which, the normal monthly subscription fee of US$10 will kick in.


What this means is, if you can finish watching my 1-hour class plus any other Skillshare classes that you want within the first 3 months (which is easy), then all you need to invest is only just US$0.99 (tip: do take your own notes along the way)!



How To Sign Up And Enjoy This Promotion?


It’s easy! Click the green button below to get started:


button (1)


1. In the pop-up window, sign up for a Skillshare account using either your Facebook or email. Then enter your details by following the onscreen instructions.


2. Once that’s done, on the next screen, click on the “Start Premium” button (Important reminder: You must select the Premium option in order to watch my course later on).


3. You will then be prompted to choose a subscription plan (not to worry, you are free to cancel it later and you can easily update your account settings anytime you like). Go ahead and select your preferred option – bill annually or monthly.


4. Scroll down to enter your card details and click the “Start Premium” button to complete payment. (Tip: You will only be charged US$0.99 now for your first 3 months of Premium. Your first full monthly payment will only happen 3 months later, which you can choose to cancel before the 3 months is up.)


5. Follow onscreen steps to complete your account personalization and you can start to watch my class anytime! (You will be able to download a file that contains the list of 10 recommended courses that I mentioned earlier in the last lesson.)


I hope you find this offer helpful and please feel free to share this offer with your friends if you know that they have been thinking about starting a small business from home!


Have fun learning and I’ll see you inside the class :)