LinkedIn workshop for BeginnersWe are happy to announce that after the enquries on LinkedIn classes, we will be conducting the ‘LinkedIn Workshop for Beginners’ on the 22 Jun (2 to 6pm)!


If you have been wondering how to make the very best out of your LinkedIn profile, this is your perfect opportunity to come and learn the steps.


You will learn:

Section 1: Why LinkedIn

  • Reasons why to join LinkedIn.
  • Statistics.

Section 2: Create Enchanting Profile.

  • How to effectively use profile picture.
  • Crafting a slogan or headline to catch attention or call-to-action.
  • What types of pictures to use for LinkedIn.

Section 3: How to Edit Profile Summary.

  • Who you are, who you help, how you help them, How to contact you.
  • Use keywords strategically, make sense.

Section 4: How to Edit Experience Section.

  • Action Verbs, not job description to hook and not bore your readers.
  • Focus on Keywords.
  • Honors & Awards.
  • Endorsed Skills.
  • Certifications.

Section 5: Cast Your Net Wide.

  • Add friends, colleagues, partners, customers, everyone!
  • Endorse to be endorsed.
  • Get Endorsements and Recommendations for your products and services.
  • Recommend to be recommended.


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Registration close by mid Jun or when all seats were booked!