I visited June’s shop this afternoon to catch up with her as the last time I dropped by is more than a few months ago.. time really flies! As usual, you can expect to see June busy with activities when you first step into her well-decorated flower shop in Novena. If there is one person you would want me to name who work mainly for passion, June would definitely be on my list! Allow me to introduce June Koh, the Founder of Art and Roses!

We chatted for a quite and I am surprised to find out that she actually did a flower bouquet for the famous action-movie star – Jackie Chan! See how happy is Jackie when he receives the flower from June =)

Jackie Chan and June Koh

Jackie Chan with June Koh from Art and Roses

If you ever talk to June, you will be affected by her strong passion in flowers and pro-activeness. She treats every customer like her friends and always work within the customers’ preferred budget. I think this is the key why she has so many repeat customers coming back to use her services. The services she provides include wedding decoration, bouquets, festive hampers and actually everything under the sun if it got to do with flowers =)

Continue to learn and self develop

I respect June a lot for her attitude in learning – she is always keen to learn and upgrade her skills even beyond her profession. You can almost see June appearing in events and seminars (ranging from sales training to personal development) especially if it got to do with flowers!

June Koh from Art and Roses

Below is a few photos from June’s work:

Wedding decoration from art and roses

Wedding decoration from art and roses

Wedding bouquets

You can visit June’s website – Art and Roses for more!

Visit June’s flower shop at Art and Roses at Square 2

Do drop by June’s flower shop when you are in the Novena area next time and say Hi to her =)

Her shop is located at:


And for the fun of it, I have taken a few photos while I’m at her shop to share with you:

Random photos from Art and Roses

Random photos from Art and Roses

Random photos from Art and Roses

June in front of her shop at Novena

June welcomes you to her shop!

If you need June’s services, just give her a call at: 9187-2677 and she will be glad to help you out!

By the way, this is not a paid advertisement as I have know June for more than a year and feel that we should always spread words about great services!