As a Google Analytics certified professional, I study trends and visitor behaviour to achieve higher conversions for my own website as well as for my clients. Often times, you are just a few small improvements away from your biggest sale online!


If you have been selling online but haven’t gotten much success yet, consider implementing the following changes to your website today!


Important Pages To Have

Do you know that there are six important pages you must have in your website to build trust in your visitors and maximise conversions?


One of the essential pages that you need to create in your website is the testimonial page, where you provide social proof to build up trust and rapport. Take a look at how we create our testimonial page for some inspiration!


Another page that you should have in your website is a personalised About Us page. I can’t stress enough the importance of this and I still find a lot of websites that do not have a personalised About Us page. Or worst, some don’t even have an About Us page!


Don’t make this mistake. If visitors don’t know you, they won’t be buying from you (even more so for high ticket item!).


Don’t Sell Your Product, Sell The Experience!

innocent-drinkIt is almost like features vs benefits. You want your visitors to be emotionally engaged when they are in the buying process. Writing content that sells is not easy but is definitely possible with some thoughts and exploration.


Take Innocent Drinks for example, the way they craft their juices description is visually rich. Go check out their website and be entertained!



What Is The Mission Critical Page In Your Website?

I often ask my course participants what is the most important page in a website and most people will answer Home page. Think again, is your home page really that important? If you can only have one page in your website, what would it be? Now your answer would be different.


The most important page in your website is not the home page, it is the page where you expect conversions. If your website collects leads like emails, then the page where they enter their emails is the most important page.


Understanding the most important page will help you when you design and create pages in your website because at the end of the day, you want to create a funnel where visitors come to your website through other pages but eventually have to be directed to your conversion page.


One tip I share is that always create a secondary menu or have links at the end of every page to link to your other pages in the website. This way, you increase the ‘stickiness’ of your website.


More Great Stuff!

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Have an awesome time this week!