If you are an affiliate marketer and are looking for the best web hosting company for affiliate websites, then you have come to the right place!

As an affiliate marketer since 2008, I have my fair share of experiences with all kinds of hosting companies and therefore, I collated 5 important points for you to take note before you sign up any hosting company, let’s begin!


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1. Unlimited Websites

unlimited website option

You should choose a hosting plan that gives you unlimited website creation. Most web hosting companies offer plans with either limited to 1 website or unlimited websites option. Make sure you choose the unlimited website option.

This means you can create unlimited WordPress websites under the same hosting plan. You do not need to purchase a new hosting plan for each website you want to create!

Although the unlimited website option is more expensive, it is very much needed because as an affiliate marketer, you would need to test out different sales pages and various affiliate products. Having just one website is not enough and will slow down your affiliate marketing business.


2. Comes with Free SSL Certificate

Number 2 important point is to make sure you choose those hosting plans that come with free SSL certificates!

free ssl certificates

With SSL certificates, you can make your website HTTPS and it will have the secured icon when visitors land on your website.

Without SSL certificates, your website will show the ‘Not secure’ warning message in the browser when your visitors land on your site.

Nowadays, it is needed to have a secured website because Google will rank it higher in the search results. And also, your website visitors will also have much higher confidence when they are considering to make the purchase or not.


Just a word of caution, make sure to avoid those hosting companies that say ‘SSL Supported’. This feature may not mean that it comes with SSL. I have signed up for this kind of hosting plan before and later was informed by the company that I needed to pay for the SSL certificate!

This does not mean comes with SSL certificates!

Make sure you see the feature ‘Free SSL Certificate’ before signing up!


3. Quality of Support

The next thing to look out for in good web hosting for affiliate marketing is that you need a lot of support from the hosting company. As affiliate marketers, most of us are not technically strong so a lot of things you may need to check with or ask for help from your hosting provider.

For example, if your websites were being injected with malicious codes, most web hosting companies will charge you a fee to clean it up for you. Refer to the following screenshot for an example.

poor hosting support

A good hosting company with a high-quality support team will suggest workarounds for you and some may even help you to clean up the injected coding.

A general rule of thumb is that the bigger the hosting company, the less likely they will think for you and suggest workarounds.

It is not easy to come across good support from web hosting companies nowadays. Do ask around and see if your peers have any good suggestions based on their personal experience.

Never believe in reviews posted on the web hosting company website itself!


4. Avoid Managed WordPress Hosting Plans!

There are typically two types of hosting that you can choose: one is the normal shared hosting and the other one is called Managed WordPress Hosting.

I highly suggest avoiding managed WordPress hosting because, under this kind of plan, they will help you auto-update your website’s WordPress version when it is available.

managed wordpress hosting

This is a major disadvantage of managed WordPress hosting because your plugins may not be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and hence, after the auto-update, your website will fail to load, or display errors, some may even show a blank website!

In addition, it is also more expensive to purchase a managed WordPress hosting plan and most likely you also cannot host unlimited websites under a typical managed WordPress hosting plan.

In all cases, choose the normal shared hosting plan and do the update of WordPress version yourself (after doing a website backup).


5. Reasonable Pricing

Finally, let’s take a look at the pricing.

Considering all the factors that I have pointed out above, it would cost about US$10 to US$20 per month for the hosting. If you found a deal that is way under US$10 per month, then it could mean that the hosting company may be over-selling their features. Eventually, you may not find the real value with the plan you purchased.

Although it costs more than US$10 per month, it is very much worth especially with most web hosting companies, they may offer you a greater discount if you pre-pay for 2 or even 3 years.

Hope you are now more clear and able to find suitable web hosting for your affiliate marketing business!

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