If you want to sell something online, my advice is always to target customers who are searching for the thing that you are selling. That way, you are offering your product to people who already have a need for it and this is the kind of targeted traffic you should be looking at.

In my bestselling ClickBank course on Udemy, I teach you a simple way to make money online by using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to promote ClickBank products, and the PPC platform that I teach is called Bing Ads.

Though Bing Ads has its advantages, I have been on the lookout for other PPC platforms that perform well so that I can provide different alternatives for my students.

One of the platforms that I have been testing recently is called 7search – a search and display network where your advertisements are displayed to targeted visitors on the Internet.




The benefits of the 7search platform in comparison with Bing Ads include:

  • Lower bid price: You can get your advertisement to show up for as low as $0.05 a bid. I have been advertising health-related niches and I bid for most of my keywords for only $0.05.

  • Easier to get your account approved: Because Bing Ads has a policy that only allows certain types of payment methods for the account to be approved, some of my international students have difficulty setting up and funding their Bing Ads account. In these cases, 7 Search makes a great alternative because all types of payment methods are accepted!

  • Monthly keywords data: Since becoming a user of 7search, they have been sending me useful keyword data that tells me what are the top 10,000 keywords that people search for on their PPC network.


Here are some handy tips for using 7search based on what has worked well for me so far:


Tip #1: Bid For Phrase Match

While broad matches give you more traffic, so far my best conversions come from bidding for phrase matches only.


Tip #2: Target Big Niches

Unlike in Bing Ads where I discourage students from bidding competitive niches due to higher costs, here in 7 Search, it is very affordable for you to participate in competitive niches like dating, making money online and health.


Tip #3: Start With A Low Bid

This is evergreen advice – no matter what platform you use to advertise, you should start low and learn to tweak along the way. I typically start from $0.05 for most keywords, and for very competitive keywords, I would bid $0.09 for a start.


Tip #4: Enable Mobile Searches

This tip is only applicable to products with mobile-optimized webpages. As more and more people use their mobile phones to surf the web and buy things online, enabling the mobile option is a great way to widen your reach! (You can use this Google mobile website tester to determine whether the product page that you are promoting is mobile-friendly or not.)


If you are interested to try out 7search advertising, I would appreciate if you could sign up for an account through my affiliate link here (or by clicking the banner below).

The funding method for 7search is very flexible and you can use any credit or debit card or even PayPal to fund your account.




I am in the midst of doing further testing on 7search, and if everything works out well, I will be adding new lectures to teach you step by step on how to use this PPC platform in my ClickBank online course!

If you have signed up for a 7search account through my affiliate link, do drop me a quick message here and I’ll be happy to extend a special discount to you for any one of my courses listed here as well as access to my closed Facebook group for more learning.