Results OrientedSome of you may know that our website used to be hosted on one of the most popular web hosting U.S. company some years back.


Along the way, we learnt that having a fast loading website is essential for website conversion and search engine ranking. Hence, we did some changes and it improved our rankings!


So today we would like to share with you what we did back then exactly!


The following are the three things that we did which not only reduced our website loading speed but also ranked our site on first page of Google after that!



1. Switch To A Faster Web Hosting!

As our target market is Singapore, it makes little sense hosting our website in U.S. Hence, we shifted our website to Vodien Hosting. Since then, we have no regrets!

We have been serving well by them. You can read about my review on them in this blog post.

P.S. I even visited their office before I shifted my websites to them.



2. Install W3 Total Cache!

Another powerful plugin we use is W3 Total Cache. This plugin will save a cache copy and serve it to your readers, hence reducing the effort to pull content from the server every time.

There are also other neat features that you can enable in the settings to make your website loads extremely fast!

Click here to read more about W3 Total Cache (Free plugin).



3. Assess Your Website Speed!

You should use a tool to help assess your website speed so that it is accurate. We use this tool to help us test and improve our site. You can do so too!

In a few weeks time after we implemented the above changes, our website is ranked on first page Google for several keywords that we are optimizing.

Try it out and share with me your results!



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SEO Workshop photo with the Trainer, Simon Yong.