I strongly believe that in any economy, there are bound to be new riches. I can still remember the teachings from my EAP Mentors that in fact, it is during these downturn where more millionaires were made! Mindset is definitely the most important thing to change in order to achieve success rather than waiting for the economy to change for us! However, changing our mindset is not an easy task unless we have specific techniques to help us do so. I would like to introduce someone who I know personally and have totally changed my mindset in sales.

I met Jennifer Goh and Damian (SalesPartners Franchisee) through BNI and it is from their sharing that I have came to realize the importance of sales and how sales is happening in our everyday lives regardless of our profession. Damian and Jennifer holds regular seminars and events to educate people who wish to achieve greater success through closing more sales. One very important technique that I learnt from them is how to handle rejections like “Your service / product is too expensive.” I start to see a shift in my mindset when I begin to practice the techniques that they teach over time.

I also came to realize that the little voices in our mind is the main obstacles when we are about to achieve greatness. It is not easy to overcome our little voice especially when fear and doubt sets in. Hence, I believe in managing our little voices is the very first thing everyone must do to change for the better =)

To sum up, I really must thank Jennifer and Damian for taking up the challenge to make the world a better place by empowering Entrepreneurs and helping them to conquer their fears. It is my pleasure to write something about these wonderful Mentors of mine who have changed my live and improve my business as a result of their sharing. You can go to their website at SalesNBizMastery.com for their latest events or products.

Like what Jennifer always say in our BNI meeting, SalesPartners make Entrepreneurs rich in any economy!