Today I would like to share something that may be able to help you in achieving more sales if you are a sales professional or someone who needs to meet and make presentations to your prospect.

You have to believe in yourself

Before I go into the main message, allow me to touch on the importance of believing in yourself and your services. I find that having confidence is the first thing that everyone must possess before we influence others. In order to have confidence in yourself, you have to believe that you are adding value to the people around you by sharing your products and services. I have came to notice that actually believing in ourselves is only the beginning, the next level is expecting.

Expecting the deal

This is one of my business stories and I think it will help you as well. I used to provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to companies. SEO simply means to help the businesses rank their websites on the Search Engines so that people who are looking for their services will be able to locate them easily when they use Google or Yahoo.

A few months ago, I met up with a small business owner and he is very interested in engaging in my services. At that time, he has another service provider to consider as well. According to him, both of our prices are quite close but he ultimately chooses mine because of the following difference.

Treating Prospects like Your Clients

In most SEO jobs, the service provider will only proceed to help you analyze Search Engine keywords and traffic then propose ideas how you can further improve your website only after they have collected the initial deposit or signed the contract. For me, I make it a habit to propose ideas to my prospects and giving them a list of profitable Search Engine keywords before they commit to my service. In average, it takes me about 15 to 30 minutes more to do this together with the proposal. And according to that client of mine, this is why he chooses my service in the end.

I never realize this key difference until my client told me about this. At that moment, I was thinking that how powerful is this simple change of thinking can make a difference in a business! Many times (including me initially) we treat prospects and clients differently until the prospect commit to our services. I believe in most cases, the prospects will be glad to use our services if we treat them as our clients FIRST.

Believing in your products and services is a definitely a good start. Expecting the sales from your prospects and treating them like your clients is the next level where it makes a difference.So imagine for your current pool of prospects, what will you be doing differently if they are your clients now?

I hope that this case study of mine will be able to help you break-through your sales! All the best and have a great weekend ahead =)