I am thrilled to share the news that I just launched my new company – WebBuddy – as the first website care centre in Singapore!




Over the years of conducting face-to-face workshops on web development, I came to a realization..


That despite having learnt the skills to create and update their websites themselves, it is not uncommon for students to come up to me and ask if I offer services to help them to maintain their business websites.


It became apparent to me that business owners are facing real, practical challenges when it comes to maintaining their websites themselves. For some businesses, it is the nature of website work that puts them off, because not everyone likes to deal with technical details.


For other businesses, time is their greatest challenge. It’s almost impossible for them to find time to sit down and figure out what needs to be done to update their website. (In fact, it is my belief that business owners should be investing their time on revenue-generating activities rather than on the nitty gritty of maintaining and updating their website.)


With that in mind, I sought to create a fuss-free solution to help these time-strapped business owners and this is how WebBuddy is born!


Our mission at WebBuddy is really simple – we want to help reduce the frustrations and hassles that business owners face in trying to recall how to login to their website, figure out how to get things updated and feeling lost about who they can go to for help if their websites get hacked.


Most web maintenance services in Singapore costs more than $200 per month on average and I believe we can bring these value services to businesses at more affordable rates, especially those who are just starting up!


WebBuddy provides affordable monthly subscription plans to help businesses on an ongoing basis in the following areas:

– Helping you to keep your website content updated

– Strengthening your website security to safeguard it from hackers

– Protecting your website from spam

– Putting in place daily checks and active removal of harmful malware viruses

– Ensuring your website software is always up to date to keep it running smoothly every day

– Daily full site backup to protect your important company files and data

View our detailed pricing plans here!



Who Is This Service For?

WebBuddy services are highly suitable for the following groups of business owners:

1. Business owners who believe that their time is far more valuable than sitting down to keep their website updated and patched for the latest software versions.

2. Business owners who do not have a full-time web master but needs to have their website updated at times.

3. Business owners who always find it a frustrating process to update their websites themselves and they tend to forgot their passwords or the steps to update.


If you know of any friends who are in business and need help in maintaining their websites (or even yourself), do refer them to WebBuddy.sg!


P.S. WebBuddy services are also available for businesses located in other countries outside Singapore. We look forward to be of service to you!