I have been doing rigorous testing to find more ways to help my course students to boost their affiliate sales in ClickBank, and I’m really happy to report back on my recent successful experiment!

The results and important findings of my experiment are posted in a new lecture video (titled ‘How To Track Keywords That Lead To Sales’) in my ‘Make Your First Real Dollar In ClickBank – With No Website‘ online course (all existing course students will be able to access this new lecture with immediate effect).

In using Bing Ads PPC (Pay Per Click) to promote ClickBank products, one of the key elements of a successful campaign is to identify keywords that contribute directly to your ClickBank sales.

Knowing this will enable you to scale your campaign for greater profit margins. But the challenge is.. how?

In this new video, you will learn a powerful systematic approach that allows you to track down the exact keyword that resulted in each ClickBank sale that you make. I have personally seen a 50% improvement in my ClickBank affiliate sales after applying this technique and I’m excited to share it with my course students so they can try it out too!

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