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Recently I have been asked by some of my graduates – what is CPA and can one really make money out of it?


CPA stands for Cost Per Action, which means you make a commission whenever someone fills up a form or sometimes just an email (without any purchase) through your affiliate link. And yes, many are making more than $10K per month with CPA.


In Singapore, there are a few trainers conducting classes who charge $3,000 to teach people how to be successful in CPA. If you really want to learn CPA, I have a piece of good news for you!


Sandor and Barin are two of the top CPA experts in U.S. and they make $1,000 per day solely from CPA. They have recently released an online course that you can have lifetime access for a low fee of $97 (one-time)! More than 500 people have signed up just one day after they launched the course.


Below is the link to the online course. I have personally signed up and I must say it is a great course to start your CPA business online!




Happy learning and I wish you all the best in your CPA business!