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I seldom write about investment as this is not the main topic and thing I want to share in this blog but I do believe that being an Investor is very important for everyone especially when the currencies are weakening. Hence, I would like to share with you some insights about Gold and Silver that I have obtained after attending Robert Kiyosaki’s event few months back and get to read one of his book series, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver.

Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver

Vincent Lee from VinsGold Enterprise Pte Ltd

Vincent Lee from VinsGold Enterprise Pte Ltd

I won this book during our weekly networking in Harvest BNI Chapter Lucky Draw and I have to thank Vincent Lee, the Director from VinsGold Enterprise Pte Ltd, for this great book and it gives me great insight about precious metals and their history. The book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver is written by Michael Maloney, an adviser of Robert Kiyosaki’s rich Dad team.

This book highlights what has happened in history and how Gold and Silver has played a major part in wealth transfer. During financial crisis, people always ditch currencies and opt to hold Gold and Silver. Yes, that means in daily transaction! This book has too much information for me to cover in one blog post but what we need to be aware of our current situation is that we should not hold on to too much currency in these times. Precious metals like Gold and Silver as well as assets like real estate properties are the ones to go after if you have extra currencies on hand.

Is this a right time to buy Gold & Silver?

I do not attempt to give advise but just want to share what I have picked up from Robert Kiyosaki’s materials. Based on my understanding, The value of Gold & Silver (especially Silver) will keep increasing in mid to long term. More investors are jumping in to invest in Silver recently. I have pulled out the historical Gold and Silver price chart for your reference for the past 10 years.

10 Years Gold Price

10 Years Gold Price

10 Years Silver Price

10 Years Silver Price

How to Buy Gold & Silver in Singapore

Update: Vincent has stopped running his business since late 2009. If you are interested to know more about Gold Investment, I would strongly recommend you to talk to my personal financial mentor – Stephen Mok. Stephen can really give you some sound advice. He runs a popular blog over at Kairos Advisor.

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  1. Hi KC,

    I’ve been investing for slightly more than a year now after clinching a deal to host a client’s gold investment forum. So far my portfolio is very green.

    I’d say that anyone who wants to invest in gold should first understand the fundamentals of why gold prices go up and down before investing.


    December 2, 2009

  2. Thanks for the advice, Chris! I am happy to hear from you =)


    December 3, 2009

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