Business Blogger Workshop

I have just finished my Business Blogger Workshop yesterday and I am glad to help out more passionate people to start their blogs for their businesses! So you may ask what exactly is a business blogger? To me, someone who shares what he / she knows and monetize these knowledge through a blog is what I call a Business Blogger.

With more and more blogshops appearing these days, you may be surprised to find out that actually there are other profitable methods to earn as a blogger besides selling physical items. I am happy that the participants are so appreciative from my sharing about the 3 proven monetizing models that I shared with them for their blogs without having them to provide their own products or services =)

I would also like to thank Derek and Wei Sheng for helping me out as Co-Trainers yesterday and as well as the Business Bloggers who shared their passion with us from the bottom of their heart!

Business Blogger Workshop

(From left) Terence, Derek, Cliff, KC, Wei Sheng, Yew Fai, Nizam and Rina

If you are interested to join us for our next Free Business Blogger Workshop on the 22 May 2010, do register using this link or go to the Business Blogger Workshop page for more details. Seats are limited and registration is subjected to availability!

I look forward in seeing you in my next workshop!