Me and Jonny ZhuI am happy today to introduce Jonny, one of my Business Associates who is the Founder of the Seventh Heaven Fashion! I have personally know Jonny coming to 2 years as a BNI Associate. Their main selling point is that they sell clothes which their female clients can wear to work and allow them to go out with their friends or loved ones immediately after that, saving them the hassle to change. I think this is pretty cool!

I don’t know about you, but to me, I think the attitude of the Business Owner is extremely important especially when it comes to online shopping. You really need to deal with someone you trust. If you ask me, he is one of the few guys I have seen with exceptional service attitude who has the X Factor to make people want to talk to him. As a friend / customer of Jonny, he also gives you some really good tips to help you improve your image.

The above are some of the latest collections over at Seventh Heaven Fashion. Click on the image to go to their FaceBook page and find out more! The price is also very reasonable as well considering the friendly service that Jonny provides =)

Give Jonny a ring or email today to place your order!